How Jean Quit Coffee + Lost Weight (Client Case)

Case Study, April 3 – July 3, 2016 Alias used to protect clients’ confidentiality.

Jean came to me as many of my female clients do: overweight, low energy and wanting to feel healthier and slimmer. She was a busy woman and had 50 pounds extra to lose.

Jeans’ lifestyle…

  • Works in a camp and didn’t have much cooking knowledge
  • She has a positive attitude about life in general
  • Enjoys hiking occasionally and Crossfit not as much as she wishes
  • She sleeps well using guided meditations to fall asleep
  • Wished she had the energy to do more physical activities

Her main concern was the skin on her face, her weight and her energy levels.  When I first met Jean, her overall diet consisted of the following:

  • THortons 3x a week for meals
  • 3-4 coffees every morning + afternoon
  • Blueberry omelettes, salads
  • Cookies and chocolate for snacks

Her current daily food looked like…

  • Typical breakfasts included eggs and bacon or fast food
  • Typical lunches would be salads or fast food
  • Typical dinners are a meat and roasted vegetables or salad

As for liquids she would have 3-4 coffees daily, green tea, water, and 1 alcoholic drink per day

Jean went through my online program with education and coaching phone calls.

Jean did not give up on making progress and was willing to try new things and foods even when she was unsure.

She started to develop a new relationship with food. She started to understand that food was to nourish her body, not just be filler.

AND not to rush.

At our last talk in July of this summer, Jean:

  • Renovated her kitchen and re-did her entire pantry & began cooking for herself daily
  • Was proud that her face was clearing up
  • Started Crossfit regularly again and joined a rowing team AND a yoga studio
  • Became aware that she rushed during meal times and began slowing down more, improving digestion
  • Is happier, started a new career and is feeling excited & accomplished at how far she has come

Jean’s diet had changed considerably.  (There were no supplements involved during the program)

She is no longer taking all the supplements she thought she needed as she is getting more nutrition from her whole foods diet

She enjoys dandelion root tea, herbal teas or maca + chicory root tea and has completely eradicated her requirement for coffee (and she says she honestly doesn’t miss it!)

She is dealing with her stress better and using exercise as healthy coping instead of alcohol

She has healthier snacks like fruits, pumpkin seeds or raw crackers instead of cookies

She is learning to cook and is expanding her dinner creations

She no longer watches the scale but her abdomen/belly has changed – “love handles are melting”

She is no longer feeling bloated every day

Case Results….

 Before working with me, Jean says she was “feeling defeated and depressed.… felt very low energy, unmotivated and I felt like it was beginning to effect work, relationships, etc.”

By increasing her nutrition with real food, Jean’s face has cleared up, she’s losing weight and feeling enough energy in her body to do daily physical activities like exercise classes or rowing which is helping her lose more weight.

Jean says that working with Lutz Nutrition has been FUN and that she’s “feeling more energetic, in general feeling more positive and upbeat….. like I've been set up on a really good path to succeed and to keep progressing…. (my) goal wasn't to have a complete lifestyle/career change .. but it's looking like I'm moving in the direction.... finding more balance.”

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Jean says the benefits of moving to a whole foods diet has done much more for her than just losing a few pounds like most typical weight programs. She feels the education was deeper and much more therapeutic. She also began fermenting her own foods and is loving the new time spent in her kitchen making foods that are greatly helping her digestive system.

How she did it

  • Jean did this with the help and accountability of a nutritionist and coach.
  • Jean had the responsibility to dive in herself and take time to make nutrition a priority
  • She obtained guidance in the direction of education with books, handouts and other resources specific to her skin, liver and weight issues and acted on them
  • She willingly tried new things: was "coach-able" and open
  • She saw her current choices as choices, and was open to shifting them, even if it felt hard at first

Client testimonial:

"The program was even better than I expected!! It wasn't a weight loss course like other typical marketed weight loss courses. It's really an education on the benefit of a whole foods diet, and how to get the best benefit for your body, leading to sustainable weight loss. Raina is so supportive and has been a great ally for me. I joined the program with low energy, depression, beating myself up mentally everyday versus now I feel alert, energetic, motivated and loving myself everyday. I also wasn't expecting to come away with a new hobby of brewing kombucha/fermenting foods, but I absolutely love it! I think Raina is a rockstar!! Her passion and excitement for what she does is contagious."

Jean is one of our favourite case studies with a fantastic success story!

If you're feeling like Jean - overweight, defeated, depressed with low motivation you just need to know; there is hope, and I'm ready to talk to you if you're ready for change. Let's chit-chat.