Make Breakfast Crazy Simple


Breakfast. Even rock stars do it.

(I have a whole board on my Pinterest page for clients demonstrating just that.)

The best way to start your day.

But very often it is something fast if eaten at all, especially in our quick culture. Grabbing something quick and chock full of sugar is not the ideal way to go about it. But that's what we usually do.

We need to 'break our fast' after our sleep, and a healthy breakfast gets us ready for moving ahead with our day with energy. But the choice that we make is pretty important.

Does breakfast make or break your day?

Personally, when I skip breakfast, I have a bit of a slower mental day. BUT even if I have something small like a piece of fruit with some nuts, a stir-fry leftovers or some oatmeal, I have energy to blaze forward. It took me years to train my body to even be able to eat breakfast, as after high school I went down the horrible path of thinking that skipping breakfast would mean I would lose weight since I'm taking in less calories. (Not true!)

NOT TRUE. and SO hard on the body. 

Breakfast needs to be two things:

healthy  (they start your day one way or another, do you want a good day?)

quick (who wants to be in the kitchen for an hour first thing in the morning?)

Paul McCartney, John Lennon & George Harrison eating breakfast. From

Paul McCartney, John Lennon & George Harrison eating breakfast. From

How to make breakfast SIMPLE

  • Prep the night before

  • Make it quick

  • Don't stress if you didn't prep anything, grab fruit or even a raw carrot so SOMETHING is on your stomach

  • If its something "not as healthy" or "healthy-ish" then simply don't eat on the run - sit, relax, enjoy. THEN go.

  • Relax..

Fast breakfasts

I don't mean fast food drive through.

Do fast breakfast by either prepping overnight, cooking extra for dinner and having leftovers, OR making meals that cook themselves overnight.

It doesn't mean you eat fast.

It means its quick to prepare.

Here are some great ideas.

Overnight Oats - some of my favourite recipe ideas here.

Smoothies - I'm not a huge smoothie girl, but I do suggest them for people who can't handle eating food (and are used to just liquid) in the morning OR for those who aren't used to food in the morning. If you aren't ready to incorporate a meal/food first thing but are trying to get the digestive system used to having something first thing in AM, there are some great ideas here.

Leftovers - we all need to get over the old idea that breakfast has to be waffles, pancakes, bacon or cereal. Just move on from that belief! Leftover potatoes, veggies or stir-fries refried are often the best (and quick) way to start the day. Try something unconventional, like a salad or some fish with rice. You might feel like the 'weird' breakfasts actually suit your body well. (You'll never know unless you try.)

Peanut butter - Okay I love peanut butter so much that I will often have natural crunchy peanut butter on apple slices, sourdough bread or (seriously) straight off the spoon for breakfast.

Why is breakfast important?

Since it literally means “breaking the fast” of the night, and it is the first meal you will eat after a night’s sleep it's a pretty big deal. You may have heard that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

Eat Breakfast like a King? Well at the very least, we need something. A little something on our tummy to get a healthy kick start to the morning with breakfasts that are high in vitamins/minerals and fibre, low Glycemic index (no pop-tarts/sugar cereals spiking our blood sugar!) and clean, light & alkalizing.

In other words you want to choose foods that will help get your bowels going, avoiding your food intolerances, get your skin glowing, keep your mind positive and alert, protect you against chronic disease and ailments, and give you balanced energy throughout the morning all the way to lunch: and to prevent sugar or caffeine cravings (these happen due to a physical craving - we want that energy spike.)


Choose other awesome foods for breakfast:

oats, quinoa, brown rice with fruit, almond or coconut milk in the oats

organic, raw nuts & seeds, fruit, vegetables, legumes, beans, sprouts

raw honey, cinnamon, hemp hearts, ground flax or chia seeds toppings on hot grains

green tea, peppermint tea, something fermented (kefir, kombucha)

This is whole foods nutrition.

Going out for breaky or brunch?? My favourite places to grab a tantalizing (and often organic!) breakfast:

Penticton Penticton Summerland Kelowna

Now, go forth & start your day like a rock star.