How to Cleanse Your Doors of Perception


All the time I see people questioning their own common sense over something that someone told them was the best way to eat, or the best diet to follow. (Pro Insight: As you already know, diets don't work!)

If you’re stressed by food, feeling like something isn't quite right, something is off, it isn't working but you just can't put your finger on what that is?

I see this all the time.

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and usually I pinpoint it down to our thoughts, because we do intuitively know what foods are good for our body, but we've been so clouded throughout our lives.

I believe that balance is key and comes into play here, because even when we are successfully making changes to our diet and improving our lifestyle, we still have to have balance & have a good time.

I inject that into all work with my clients. You're doing it! (but are we having fun?)

Without celebration, there's no point, as without celebration we often clam up and sink further into our pity party, the spiral of "it's not good enough." That spiral turns into "I'm not good enough" and here's when the mental cleansing becomes not only ideal - but very necessary. 

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“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.

For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.”

― William Blake

When it comes to food, we often have big blinders on.

Our 'doors of perception' are clouded with ideas, beliefs, thoughts & rules from friends & family about food and nutrition and how it 'should' be in our life.

They are clouded with advertisers' marketing: pretty colors and hollow words, fancy packaging and buzz words, they are clouded with judgments of food and other peoples' opinions.

And when people come to me for nutrition consults, a lot of times I can't get through to them because of all this “stuff” in the way.

It's often decades of work to unravel. Decades of beliefs, decades of advertising. Billboards, magazines and daily TV telling you what to eat and what's healthy. Your friends and family constantly telling you what works.  That's a lot of work to unravel because for so long we haven't trusted our own body.

When we give away our power, we lose any ability to break through and make lasting changes.

The blinders have to go.

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  • They keep us stuck.

  • They keep us believing in things that don't work for us.

  • They keep us believing in thoughts, judgements or ideas that don't actually serve us.

  • They keep us where we are comfortable, and with what we know.

  • They prevent us from moving forward

But the greatest change-makers know that we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking used when we created them. (Albert Einstein)

You need new thoughts, new systems, and a new way of looking.  Start with the basics and go from there. One of my favourite sayings from an amazing client of mine was "I now THINK about food differently." Before even changing anything you eat, this is what I want to hear. That the doors of perception have been cleansed.

So let's do it.

How to cleanse your doors of perception:

Begin to see truth. Truth raises your consciousness. First, accept the truth. Take a deep look at your nutrition. In every case accept where you are right now. Don’t only acknowledge the current status and dismiss it. Really accept it as the truth. Also accept your feelings about the truth, whether you like them or not.

For example, you might think: I have been a yo-yo dieter for the last 10 years. I’m always trying the latest diet and it stresses me out to have to make restrictive changes that eventually don’t work because I just put the weight back on again. I accept that I have been doing this. It is pretty common. I’m not alone in this choice, but I no longer want to be doing this.


Get clear on what you desire for your nutrition. When you get focused & clear about what you want, such as by setting a goal, you raise your consciousness. Clarity focuses your mind and gives you the power to think and act intelligently. When your desire is unclear or muddled with years of others' opinions, your consciousness is muddled. Your thoughts lack focus and direction, and you merely spin your wheels.

For example, you might think: I am tired of spinning my wheels on every new diet fad, I would like to focus on real food and nutrition for weight loss & my long-term health instead. My goal would be to lose 5 pounds without having to follow a ‘diet.’

Become conscious of others' opinions clouding your mind. When you want to argue something, or step in with your opinion or objections about something food related, just become conscious in that moment, become aware, is this really your feeling, your truth, or is it something you've picked up along the way?

Know that you have the ability to see food as powerful therapy, and that you have the skills to think about where your food comes from and to question it. You are a crazy intelligent being and you have the power to look deeper, think harder, and ASK MORE questions.

Know that you have the ability to become more conscious about yourself and question yourself, leading to better nutrition choices in the long run, as you begin to use willpower in its true form.

Begin to see food no longer as the enemy or something to worry about, something to hate, but instead to see food as a potent tool, your friend, a nourishing choice.

That's where ALL the magic begins...



(Work with me and find your magic!)