7 Ways to Remove Stress & Shame About Nutrition


The Evolution of Seven

In honour of 7 years in business, I’m sharing 7 ways to remove stress and shame you feel about your food. If you’ve experienced this you know how it is taking up your time and eating up your energy to be worried about food all day.

Each year when September rolls around I get a bit emotional; another year has passed as I help move my industry and clients move forward. As I pass through September 2018 and the anniversary of the founding of Lutz Nutrition 7 years ago I appreciate all that’s been created, and I also fondly look back at the continuous curating of visions and values as the core of my nutrition work. [Read: 7 Powerful Nutrition Foundations] These all come out of my mouth and in my writing regularly.

Because one thing I realized this year? Values like balance, evolution and confidence are not nutrition problems. They are human problems. They are the cure to the stress and shame many of my clients experience daily because of the stress of ‘not doing nutrition right.’

As I get deeper in my practice and education with clients, I learn more and more that it’s not about the food. But hey, I love food, you’re on my page for food help, so let’s talk food, shall we?

Confession: I hate corn on the cob, but I love corn.

How do I get around it? I scrape the corn off my cob and eat it off my plate.
People might think this is weird. I don’t care. I make food work for me, and I DON’T play games like feel self conscious or guilty for any of it.

I also have other weird habits that don’t interfere with other people’s lives but still get me what I love, like how (right now, this may change soon) I HAVE to finish every morsel of meat off an olive pit before it’s considered done, how I think a banana with peanut butter slathered on it is a great snack, how I only prefer peaches cut up not whole but I’ll only eat nectarines whole, how I often eat European style (long, slow meals later at night) and my deep seated belief that every meal is an EXPERIENCE.

I also fondly remember how far my own diet has come from when I was 20 and lived on Michelinas microwaved TV dinners, frozen burritos and slurpees. And I also fondly recall that back then I hated olives and fruit.

Let yourself evolve.


I love helping women evolve in their relationship with food & nutrition - from stress + shame to nourish & blossom.

It takes work, time, dedication. But you can do it.

Here are 7 ways:

  1. Evolve away from diets. Lose the Diet mindset, once and for all! You know it’s been holding you back and repeating your food (and human!) patterns over and over. Get on my email list to hear about my free trainings (in the private Facebook group) for how to do exactly this. It’s about coming back to mindfulness in your diet, and removing the counting, tracking and guilt mindset.

  2. Evolve into a underground, beat-the-system home brewer, baker, canner, fermenter. Liberate yourself from the typical by going traditional. Skip Starbucks and make your own tea. Skip the drive through and cook your own food, ferment your own edible science experiment. Years ago I started teaching regular workshops on fermentation so people could bring this tradition back into their homes. (back in 2011 when no one in the valley knew what kombucha was!) It’s a simple way to connect with your ancestors and ways-of-old time honored food traditions & harvest time rituals to stretch your food dollar, and your health (traditionally fermented foods are full of probiotics.) Not to mention, you stick-it-to-the-man by relying less on the ‘big guys’ food system. This fall is a great time to start your brew/can/ferment adventure, and you can even find 800+ fermenter friends locally here!

  3. Evolve into nutrition confidence. Most of my clients come to me because they have very similar problems. Simply put, food stresses them out. It's wearing out their energy, creating more symptoms because the stress about food is hampering their digestive powers. A lot of time we waffle on our nutrition decisions, or we make a decision because "I've already really messed it all up today" or "I think I'll just exercise more tomorrow to make up for this" or some other crazy mind game. That's not the way nutrition is supposed to feel. I can tell you this, there's a better way. If it doesn't feel fun and easy, and you are are FRUSTRATED with food, you are lacking balance, and might be missing a couple of keys in the realm of nutrition confidence & clarity. [Read: Why You Need Nutrition Confidence & How to Get it]

  4. 'Evolve in to safety. A lot of us try crazy things when we are desperate for change. We try trendy diets, we try bars and shakes with questionable ingredients (they still aren’t as good as whole foods, no matter what their marketers’ tell you) or we try insane exercise regimes, extreme diets like fasts, soup diets or binge/purging, cutting out things we think might be contributing to putting weight on (like make-up, healthy fats, etc - no they are not contributing to your weight gain.) The truth is we play any mind game that makes us feel like we might be heading towards success this time. Essentially, we re-play old habits and patterns. (See, human problem, not nutrition!) Safety for weight loss does not come in pills, potions, drugs or magic cures. It is found in whole foods - and when you stick with whole foods it’s safe, it’s simple, and you can’t go wrong. Read: [5 Easy Ways to Weight Loss]

  5. Evolve in to healing. What if all we had to do to get our body back into the feeling, shape/size we wanted was to provide it the proper conditions and love our body enough to do the work for us? It’s actually a de-evolution away from everything you were taught about weight loss - be it calorie counting, strenuous exercise or just the simple fact that you probably don’t love your body because we were taught not to. Marketers’ take our money by preying on the fact that we never feel good enough, and offer us the chance that just one more purchase would give us that satisfied relief that we all crave. Pro Insight: It’s not about buying more things, it’s about making different choices and allowing your body to do the work for you. Caring about and loving your body is a fast way to shut the door on those shameful thoughts about our food choices, because once we’re mindful about the fact that we have the power to choose, and realize that nothing has power over us (not even those bag of chips) we can more easily eat better, over and over without overthinking it. Here’s some old-school choices I’ve made that helped me heal so much in the last years.

  6. Evolve into ease. What I want is for your mind to uncomplicate food. It’s not supposed to be stressful or require us to strain, count, worry or have any other negative emotion. What I’ve found with my clients is that a nutrition plan (not a strict meal-by-meal plan, but foods and drinks to ADD to what you already do) is the easiest way to make upgrades and start feeling better. If you need deeper help than my stellar & simple nutrition packages, Change Makers does that. Make it easy and simple. Liberate your eating. Read: [Welcome to the Machine: Are you a Liberated Eater?]

  7. Evolve in to the master of your kitchen, and your mind. A lot of my clients do not like cooking. They are busy people contributing to their children, their social life, their community and society as a whole. That doesn’t mean you avoid the kitchen completely and eat fast food all day and order take-out every night. (Nice try!) It means you find really quick, easy recipes that work for you and your lifestyle, as well as re-arrange your priorities and time. Most of the time when I ask clients what they do on Sunday’s, it’s “binge Netflix…. laundry….”, so why not add cooking to the day of doing nothing, accomplish something and set yourself up for food success through the week? Sucking it up and doing it for just a few days and seeing how much better you feel with more whole foods in your diet and how high your energy levels are! Re-prioritizing food in your life is key to mastering your kitchen and your mind. Make it easy with food planning. Read: [The Fastest Way to Food Prep]


Stress and shame has no place in our food. These are chains that diet ‘culture’ have implanted in us, to keep us purchasing things or beliefs that will, well, keep us purchasing. Keep us from truly loving ourselves and doing the deeper work to find weight loss sustainably. Read: [Why You Don’t Need Willpower]

Finding the way that eating well works best for you, with a dash of balance thrown in is the simplest way to get off the diet train for good. Everyone knows they don’t work. Read: [50 Ways to Leave Your Diet]

Each fall I am proud and appreciate all that’s been created and shifted and grown in the past year in our food movement. My view on food being about balance, evolution and confidence is not a “nutrition problem.” These are human problems, & I am committed and dedicated to helping my clients solve those problems so they can stop worrying about food and get on with their amazing lives.

Thank you for your support over the last years, especially this one - and the shares, the likes, the word of mouth - I see it all and I love you for it!

If you’re struggling to eat the way you want to, let’s chat babe.