What I Learned in 6 Years in Business


This September was the anniversary of the founding of Lutz Nutrition. When I first began, I was called Simply Love Food ( and this is still very true ! ) and once I changed the name to Lutz Nutrition, my family name was on the line! I worked really hard.

I founded the Okanagan's very first line of commercial, LOCAL, organic kombucha: Experience Kombucha.

I've taught hundreds of people (over 75 fermentation workshops, in fact!) in the Okanagan to brew or ferment their own food the traditional way.

I was awarded a Top 40 Under 40 in Penticton and have been featured on CBC Radio twice.

I am partnered with amazing businesses in the Okanagan, the likes of Kelowna's The Green Vanity and Nourished Edible Wellness, Pentictons' The Peoples' Soda, Get Bent Yoga, Pure Gym & Juice, Trellis & Vine Crafthouse, Summerland Health & Wellness and Olivers' South Okanagan Physiotherapy.

I've set up a support group, monthly meet-ups and mentorship (read: Community) for other Holistic Nutritionists' in the Okanagan, seeing a need for inspiration from others' in our industry.


Through all the ups and downs I've seen in the last 6 years, my favourite part is private coaching with my clients.  As a consultant, we are educating, but we also are constantly reminded of 'practicing what we preach' from our very own clients. The irony never gets past me, and I have learned, seen, been shown, been taught and schooled, changed, radically re-arranged and downright amazed at the people I get to work with.

So this is all about you, folks...

What I have learned from 6 years in business working with coaching clients is this...

  • That perspective shifts are so much more helpful than shared recipes.

  • Education is more important than the actual food.

  • A fundamental understanding of nutrition and our own body is magnificently more powerful than any magazine, billboard or TV ad can tell us.

  • Removing negative emotions from the issue of food - then there's no guilt shame spiral for us to fall down.

  • Natural foods upstage "well-marketed as healthy" foods every. single. time.

  • That taking responsibility to make real change is the sustainable way - instead of relying on others to do it for you.

  • Making excuses is a way that we block ourselves from the responsibilities' of success. It's our brains' way of keeping us protected & safe from new things.

  • It doesn't matter how bad your day, week, month, year has been. You have the choice to make better choices right now.

  • What we are doing (natural nutrition, organic, local) is actually a movement, a revolution. How we see food, and how food has changed so much in the last decade. It's incredibly exciting!

  • Striving for balance in your nutrition is a safe way to prevent obsession with eating perfectly (no one's perfect, and no one diet is perfect!)

  • I love sharing what I have learned when it comes to food and getting back to natural, nature and simplicity, and that one step at a time is perfectly great.

  • Bacon is great, bacon will kill you. Bacon is great, bacon will kill you. "EVERYTHING in moderation."

  • That giving your style of eating a label (like 'vegan' or 'paleo') can box you in and cause serious stress. Just eat what feels good to you and your body - you don't need to chain yourself to a category.

  • Meditation is a powerful tool to create awareness that actually helps you make better choices.

  • The media is fake. Watch less of it (magazines, TV) and watch your head space clear, making room for things that you know to be true, rather than having others' tell you & influence you

Thank you, thank you, THANK you for being a follower.

Cheers, here is to 6 years...

I often get messages from folks on Facebook throughout the Okanagan who have been following me since the very beginning. It's ridiculously heart warming. 

Your support means the world to me - and because of people like you I get to continue doing the work that I love in the world. I get to help people feel better. I get to email and talk to my followers and share education (and my dry humour.) I get to coach + empower people to start making changes and I get to brew my magical tonic that people love.