50 Ways to Leave Your … Diet


Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Diets are not the way. So, let’s make a new plan, Stan. Here’s 50 reasons why you need to break up with the diet mindset:

  1. Know that about 95 per cent of people who lose weight on a diet will regain it all within one to five years and about a third of those will end up heavier than before they started.

  2. Restrictive dieting causes so much psychological damage ranging from obsessions with food, disordered eating, low self-esteem and shame around food.

  3. Diet’s don’t work. We all know this is the main reason we shouldn’t do them.

  4. Psychologists even say that if you look at the science behind weight loss and dieting, it becomes obvious that none of them works.

  5. I want you to understand that nourishment over calorie-counting is the fast-track to health and sanity when it comes to food.

  6. Dieting disconnects you from your body and teaches you to ignore hunger cues and ignore what your bodies’ true needs are.

  7. Dieting teaches you to attempt to “take care” of bodies that we hate. Have pride in your body. Appreciate what it does for you every day instead.

  8. You shouldn’t focus on ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods but instead think about how looking after yourself makes you feel. [Read: Eat Ice Cream & Other ‘Bad’ Things]

  9. Make your New Years Resolution be ‘I will never diet again’ instead of a number of how many pounds you want to lose: it’s incredibly freeing and liberating

  10. In diet culture we become actual prisoners, obediently listening to external weight loss messages and constantly trying to lose weight.

  11. Diets are a false trap. Everytime. Get your body in charge, not google or marketing. [Read: Get Back on the Wagon]

  12. Diet’s do not feel good.

  13. Diet’s do not taste good.

  14. Diets cause severe stress.

  15. Making sure everyone knows what diet your on and what you can and cannot eat is a truly fun way to spend your social time. (Yes. That’s Sarcasm.)

  16. The yo-yo cycle is just that: a cycle.

  17. It’s not the right use of the word. A “diet” used to mean the food you ate. We’ve recently twisted it to mean the new definitions for diet as “a regimen of eating or drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight.” Doesn’t sound like much fun.

  18. We’re living in a time with access to more food than ever before - and yet we are stressing, restricting and cutting food for vanity, without enjoying the accessibility we have.

  19. Either the hundreds of millions of people who diet are lazy and unmotivated - or something is wrong with this system. (It’s not you. It’s the system.)

  20. Weight fluctuation brings a host of related side effects that can harm your physical health. Not surprisingly, it has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. [The Science.]

  21. Your body tells you what it needs. [Read: There is No Magic Bullet]

  22. Stop letting external sources tell you what your bodies’ needs are.

  23. You weren’t born with a calorie counter installed in your wrist. We were given hunger signals and cues for internal guidance.

  24. Surrendering your own instincts to follow guidelines from a diet makes you brainwashed. Don’t join the cults.

  25. Your self-worth should NOT come from how well you ate today.

  26. The scale should not dictate your life choices.

  27. You are not your food choices. You are you.

  28. Just because you made a good choice in nutrition doesn’t make you a good person. It’s just a choice.

  29. Just because you made a ‘bad’ choice in nutrition doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s just a choice.

  30. Dieting can hold you back. You may do or not do certain things because you haven’t reached your target weight. Reality check: even if you get skinny, you’re still the same person. Do the things you want to do.

  31. Getting skinny won’t make you happier the way you think it will.

  32. Here’s a hard reality: People would rather face temporary discomfort and enjoy immediate (but temporary) results from a diet than face the more daunting task of looking at the hard truths of what has made them overweight or unhealthy.

  33. Deep down the rabbit hole, people know that their good result from a diet is merely a vacation visit to a goal that never lasts.

  34. Ironically, because dieting is so stressful (and stress puts weight on) this came to be true: researchers published in Psychosomatic Medicine found that the process of dieting is more likely to produce cortisol, which ironically not only promotes weight gain but also has several serious negative health consequences.

  35. I could give you more science and data, but I know it’s not likely to dissuade the masses from participating in the diet culture. We diet because it makes us feel like we are doing something. People want action plans and a how-to manual of getting fit and thin. It simply doesn’t work the way we imagine it will. [Get a nourishing tailored action plan from Raina - foods, drinks and supplements to add to your lifestyle right now.]

  36. Just because dieting is common, doesn’t mean it’s right (or good.) [Read: Consciousness Over Calories]

  37. If dieting feels safe or celebrated in your circle because ‘everyone else is doing it’ then … let’s evaluate that. Who are you spending your time with, and is it really healthy for you?

  38. The truth hurts. And maybe the truth is that dieting has never worked for you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t still be reading this, would you?

  39. You know the diet mindset is holding you back so you keep repeating your human problems over and over again. [Read: The Evolution of Seven: 7 Ways to Solve Your Problems]

  40. The lower the amount of calories you’ve eaten per day, the harder it is for you to get your daily requirements of proteins, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. It’s not healthy to diet.

  41. Dieting can make you food-obsessed. And not in a good way, like “I LOVE food!” but in a psychologically-damaging way.

  42. If you feel you need to diet because you need to know exactly when and what and how much to eat, let’s evaluate that. [Read: You Don’t Need More Nutrition Knowledge]

  43. Ever gained weight while on a diet? Confusing right… but dieting makes your body believe it is starving so it starts to save fat as its “last resort” kind of measure, as this is the bodies’ best way to store energy.

  44. Maybe no one has ever given you permission to look the way you do, because the beauty and nutrition industries sure as hell don’t want you to feel good. You’re allowed to feel the way you feel. [Read: That Time I Prescribed Something Powerful]

  45. Stop assuming celebrities are smarter or better than you, and you definitely don’t have to follow the diets they are doing. It will only lead to another cycle.

  46. Breaking a diet often results in guilt, poor self esteem and despair often followed by comfort eating. Because dieting emphasizes food as a reward or compensation - so called 'comfort eating' where food is used to cheer us up, and we are somehow magically entitled to eat lots of sweets. [Read: A Suprising Weight Loss Strategy]

  47. Seasonal eating should be the only ‘diet’ we follow as our whole foods diet shifts and evolves.

  48. If you’re having cravings, doing a diet will not fix them. Investigating them, getting curious and looking at them differently will. [Read: Sympathy for the Devil: Overcoming Cravings]

  49. Fighting to beat your will power is a game that never ends. [Read: Why You Don’t Need Willpower]

  50. The real truth is to jump headfirst and dive in to the murky waters of self-evaluation. Self-evaluation is the only true way lasting change is made. We need to embrace the self-actualization “call-to-action” versus the quick-fix diet fads of the season that permeate our culture and the nutrition/wellness industry.


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Getting to the root of your issue is the way to end the yo-yo cycle. Weight loss isn’t about calories in/calories out. It’s about your liver, digestion, gut health, mental health and happiness.

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Weight loss isn’t about tracking, stressing, worrying and obsessing.

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