Blending history, culture, music, natural nutrition education and mysticism to help you connect with your inner-non-conformist. 

Insight, fun, and a chance to forge your own hippie essence in the beautiful, hot and entrancing Okanagan summer.




Because we all need more peace & love in the world, who doesn't want more hippie in their life?

What does it mean to "go Hippie?"

Maybe you’ve always felt you were part of the 60's, when you hear certain songs it might give you chills and transport you there, you've dreamed of being at Woodstock. Many of us feel like we were 'born in the wrong generation' and wish we were around for the 60's. We miss something we never knew.

Many of us feel like 'old souls' and want to connect with others in this same space.

This is more than flower children. This is a mash up of wild wisdom, ancient ways, cultural revolution and natural foods philosophies.

We use the rose colored glasses of a hippie as a lens for our lives. However you’ve found yourself here, whether you have a new interest or long held passion for the culture, playfulness and philosophies of the 60's. Whether you relate to the ecstatic dancing, the bonfire strumming or the commune kitchen momma's... there's a place for all us re-incarnated long-hairs. What could be attracting you to it....

  • the enigma of a nurturing party girl. She cares for the earth and home (hey, we're still fresh outta the 50's) and she can have a good time while at it.

  • the hot adornment. Clothing and jewellery of great beauty and 'beyond this world' meaning, or just layers and layers of chains and fun a la Janis.

  • the exploration. Navigating our minds to go beyond your own viewpoints or long-held beliefs to find new inner worlds to explore. You crave that free spirited feeling.

  • the supernatural. Guided by power rooted in nature and beyond your own world. Seeing beyond our physical world. Your third eye, woodland cabins off-grid, healing organic food and a world-changing movement.

  • the whole culture. Powerful music, famous art and 'go your own way' fashion that's incredibly striking.


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What and When

Four video's: August 3, August 10, August 17, August 24

Four Modules to be released on those same dates

Our "Virtual Song Around the Bonfire" and place for conversation is our private Facebook group

 Bonus: If you're in the Okanagan, we'll have a final wrap up potluck with other goodies [including talks from a few expert "Original Hippie" (O.H.) friends of mine!] on the evening of Monday, August 27.

If you’re ready to put your Hippie-side in your pipe and smoke it, keep reading.  If your curiosity is piqued - I'd loooove to welcome you as a member of Hippie::Chick.



Do you envision using your new-found hippie obsession helping you increase happiness in your work, a relationship or creating new healthy boundaries?  Is it to bring happiness to your deepest inner mind? Is it your outer life of material things, space, clothing or decorations? Or for entrepreneurs, how about in your business? Trust me, it's immensely helpful to have your inner Hippie on your side, especially when you’re feeling lost in life.

Hippie::Chick teaches you about different elements of Hippies' life and culture. It's also experiencing (you partake in bringing groovy elements into your life) with some personal discovery while you apply new knowledge to escape the norm.  We’ll awaken this hippie::chick so she can always be a part of you. From now on, you won't have to dig too deep within yourself to find your happy place, bringing this fun & happy essence into your life.

(Note: I recognize not all parts of the Hippie culture is something to imitate. (No culture ever is.)  This is about soaking up the beauty, happiness, peace/love, fun and to learn to use it as a tool in your own life. Drug-Free Exploration: There will strictly be no drug-taking in our circle.)

Your Hippie:Chick Workshop Experience

Welcome to the Counter Culture. We'll begin with orientation which get our sessions going. We'll evoke and invite your inner Hippie to come out and to play.  There are 4 modules and main themes in the workshop.


Within our groovy workshop, we’ll explore, learn, and get hands-on with:

  • Your Ecstatic Home - fresh outta the '50's, hippie women were still expected to be in charge of their homes, they nourished their families and wore incredible clothes and jewellery (swoon.) You’ll create, you’ll decorate.

  • Cultural // Historical- We’ll look at what life was like and how they shaped that in daily living and notable events. We’ll go beyond the myths, what’s misunderstood, and look into the daily life.

  • Magic // Rituals- The Hippie woman has a magic all her own, but also used rituals, medicines, plants, the stars, and seers. We’ll learn the old ways and come up with our own. Tarot & I-ching. Finding your own inner intuitive and using your own body as a guide going forward.

  • Revolution // Your Mind- Ultimately being hippie is about truth & discovery. I’ll help you dissolve the learning here to use it as a tool, and also guide you, to go beyond your Ego or the things that hold you back, to discover parts of life you desire. Time to Wake up.

There will be other activities in "the scene" (our Facebook group) for you to try. While they aren't necessary for the integration of the foundational modules above, I promise they will enrich your experience from "cool" to "outta sight!"


Why am I running this workshop?

Well that's me right there.

I've been obsessing over hippies since I was just a kid.

I'd play herbalist in the school yard and mix witchy magical bark/rocks/pine cone potions while everyone else played dodge ball. 

I'd choose listening to "Are you Experienced?" (Jimi Hendrix) on my bedroom floor over homework every damn day.

I got interested in the Eastern traditions and mysticism that made its entry into the West via the 60's.

When everyone else was listening to pop, rap and hip hop, I was tripping deeply in psychedelic and classic rock exploration.

I like ruffling some feathers. But I like peace + balance more.

I believe in having some 'doors of perceptions' cleansed. But after seeing the bad side of it too close to me, I went all "George Harrison" - and got into meditation instead.

Healer Complex. I want all beings to be happy. Always.

As a young adult, the feeling of 60's music really captured me and I learned to 'go back in time' using music.

And now as an adult and Holistic Nutritionist with clients motivated to join the world of wellness: and as you can feel, you aren't the only one who wants to do this. So many people are trying to live more naturally, eat cleaner and, well, be more hippie! So I created the Hippie::Chick sessions for women to have deep, enlightening and fun experiences too in the safe space of other women in the same frame of mind.  I LOVE learning about ourselves through the exploration of this snapshot in time.

I adore connecting with "original hippies" to tap into the knowledge and awaken this spirit in our current body and soul.  Many of my friends are 65+ ! I love a community of women coming together for an individual experience while supporting the collective.  From the historical stories to Woodstock myths, the slang and the culture of this crazy decade, I can't wait to get sharing with you!

I have a private consulting practice as a Holistic Nutritionist  (est. 2011) where I help women get grounded in natural foods and life-changing re-arranging. I am a seasoned coach and often told, am like no other. The other half of my business is brewing kombucha, a magical tonic for increasing immunity, gut health and digestion.  (It sells better than bark/rocks/pinecones tonics!) I have been an informal student of The Tie Dye generation including the Vietnam war, the movements and the music, the celebrations and the cultural revolution for over a decade.

And women are hungry for this.  Hungry to connect to their own happiness and peace + calm while exploring the wildness of a climactic era. Here I am, holding open the door for you to life-changing possibilities.


Do you have to know hippies in order to do this?

Nope.  Nada.


Will the sessions make me a happier person?

I would love to say yes! It is my obsession that women learn to simplify their lives through changing their thoughts and finding peace and joy. De-cluttering, simplifying your life and finding nourishing new practices or creating your own rituals can definitely add to your happiness.

Is this course just for women?

Yes.  It is for woman-identified, only.

Is this virtual or in-person?

These sessions are virtual.  You can access the info & Bonfire anytime from anyplace with an internet connection. There is one event at the end of the sessions in person, which you can attend in person if you live in or can visit the Okanagan Valley, BC. But it is not a requirement.

I want to learn but the timing doesn't work for me. How long will I be able to access the workshop?

The modules will be accessible from your email inbox and as long as you keep the e-mails will have access to it all. 

 If I’m not attracted to hippie culture will I enjoy this?


Probably not.  You may find a new appreciation for the 60's and what you thought you knew, but if you aren't attracted to the 'vibe' of it this likely isn't for you.

What if I’m not into the magic/rituals aspect of this?

Every part of any program won't be appealing to everyone who takes it. You simply take what works for you.  The "magic" section is about exploring your own spiritual/emotional asepct.  I’ll tell you about some of the mystical aspects that grew from the 60's, but there is no religious aspect to this and I absolutely refuse to put agenda on anyone, ever.  Let it inspire what is right for you or let it go.

Do you have a refund policy?

I guarantee that I will offer you a lovely space for your own experiential learning, and a truly thoughtful experience.  Like all of my programs, you will have to show up to do the work (aka play) and integrate the learning.  I do not offer refunds.

What happens when I hit BUY NOW?

You'll receive a welcome message from me and we'll go from there!




Tuition for Hippie::Chick Workshop Summer Edition is $49.

I'm truly honoured you're considering working with & learning from me.  This is a fun course and if it feels right for you, I look forward to facilitating this (healthy) mind expansion for you.

To everything there is a season,

Peace & Love...

Raina Dawn