About Lutz Nutrition

Learn to be a brew master and brew your own kombucha + fermented foods for a happy tummy.... so you can get on with life & get back to having fun!

It all started when...

Raina felt strongly ("way back" in 2010) while studying Holistic Nutrition that there was an exciting movement growing.

Supporting local and organic food is more powerful than just for our health. It's a natural way of living that goes back to days of old. It's a revolution.

Raina has aligned herself with businesses, people and clients who feel the power in this movement as well. Eco-conscious products, and mind-expanding coaching stemming from a love of the time it all started - the underground/alternative movement that started eco-consciousness, back-to-the-land vibes, organic food, self-development and taking responsibility 'way back' in the 1960's. That's why you'll find that nostalgia throughout our site and social media.

If you're ready to change the world, it starts with you.....

It's really true.

I want my clients to grow as people while they grow their education.

What skills do I want you to know?
-I want you to be able to easily recognize whole foods
-I want you to be able to easily recognize processed foods
-I want you to learn to be mindful of what is working (or not) for your body
-I want you to be able to get 'back on the wagon' easily

What mindset shifts do I want for you?
-I want you to understand that diets are not the way, that it is a false trap every time
-I want you to understand and believe and trust that you are your own guru (especially when it comes to food)
-I want you to understand and believe and feel that your body is in charge (not diet books, not Dr. Google)
-I want you to understand that nourishment over calorie-counting is the fast-track to health and sanity when it comes to food

I can help you with a nutrition plan that gives you specifics on how to move forward.
I can help you with bringing inspiring food traditions into your kitchen: like soaking grains or fermenting foods.
I can help you with thinking about food and nutrition differently.
I can help you with understanding that mindful eating is 80% of the equation, good food being the other 20%.
I can help you with finding your emotional eating issues.
I can help you with support surrounding eating well for your body.
I can help you with interpreting complicated nutritional science or books you read.
I can help you with getting back on the wagon, once you've fallen off.
I can help you with the perspective changes needed that will push you to make healthy food choices.
I can help you with a meal plan if that is what you think you need.
I can help you with detailed lists of foods in restaurants that are best suited to you right now.
I can help you with referrals for other specialized holistic treatments you might need alongside food. 
I can create a personalized Pinterest board for you (based on the nutrition package I create just for you) to stay motivated with your goals.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, coach and consultant, I help you reach your goals based on what you need in that moment, because all our work is tailored exactly to your body right here, right now.

"Most people know how to eat but they aren't doing it. So I help women get the tools, the motivation and the excitement to actually do it."

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