Past clients have a few choice things to say...


I have less guilt, I have changed my eating, I am aware of what I am feeding my body. I can honestly say your program did exactly what it was supposed to do.
— Tegre B., Kelowna BC

Raina makes nutrition & excellent health simple with this viewpoint: The body heals the body. Out went the hundreds of dollars a month I was spending on supplements & quick fixes. In came grounding, digestive practices & nourishing foods.

And while I’m still on my healing journey to stellar health, I’m actually enjoying the process, instead of wondering when the detox diets & strict eating will end.

Raina’s a rare gem in the health & wellness world. Stick with her, and your whole life will change.
— Erika Lyremark, Bestselling Author "Think Like a Stripper"


I loved the program! Focusing on one thing at a time was ideal.
It wasn’t a weight loss course like other typical marketed weight loss courses. It’s education.
Raina is so supportive and has been a great ally for me. I joined the program with low energy, depression, beating myself up mentally everyday; and nowI feel alert, energetic, motivated and loving myself everyday. Raina is a rockstar!! Her passion and excitement for what she does is contagious.
— Jane G., Vernon BC


My inner Foodie was weeping for something......anything with some snap and life, to dazzle my palette! I bought a green tea Experience Kombucha from Get Bent.
I wasn’t nearly prepared for the taste and even less prepared for my body jumping for joy that we ( my tastebuds and my senses) were finally ingesting something that was ALIVE!!!!
This memory makes me smile every time I drink your kombucha. Cheers!
— Patti L, Tsubo Shiatsu, Penticton BC