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(come on baby) LIGHT MY FIRE.

Light My Fire is not a gimmick or weight loss scheme.

It is a platform for education, support and motivation.

It is an 8 day introduction into the world of transformation and a taste of the magic that happens in Change Makers.

Reaching your lifestyle or weight goals are possible!

Together, we will begin your incredible, life changing journey!  Together, we achieve REAL results.

With a little help from the times of old, a dash of traditions and a sprinkling of body awareness - you will TRANSFORM.

All it takes is a shift in perspective... and sometimes a little fire! Our 8-day Challenge begins December 1, 2017.

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(W)holistic Nutrition Approach.

(W)holistic nutrition is for optimal health - and is the truly transformative approach you've been looking for.


Holistic Nutrition is all about going back in time... before we had processed food, plastic-everything, and drive-thru dinners.

The movement with healthy holistic foods is not a trend - it's a re-education of back to natural living, and a de-education of the suffering that we have taken on due to the stress of the diet industry.

Light My Fire begins the journey INWARDS as we start to look at the WHOLE person: your body, your health history, your digestive issues and sensitivities, your thoughts, your stress levels, your career & your family life.

It is a taste of TRANSFORMATION that is possible in your life!

I loved the program.

Raina is so supportive and has been a great ally for me. I joined her program with low energy, depression, beating myself up mentally everyday; and later; I feel alert, energetic, motivated and I'm loving myself everyday!

                                                                                                                                              - J. Goldie, Vernon BC

Does This Sound Like YOU?

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You want to...

Stop the "diet" mindset and get off never-ending diet (hamster wheel.)

Lose weight and start making time for your nutrition.

Feel better the natural way (using food) rather than another pill, shake or fake food meant to trick your body into weight loss.

Stop feeling the deep guilt, burden, disappointment, shame and prison of the mental war with food.

Feel good and start eating AND living the way you know you want to.


This 8 day Huddle is for those who are really ready to ignite their flame. Stop procrastinating, start doing.


It is for those ready for a taste of a transformed life, filled with good vibes, simple nutrition and superb health.


Together, we will breakthrough your eating habits, master holistic nutrition and make healthy living a priority.


We'll take action.


What To Expect When You Join Light My Fire!

Day 1 "Start Me Up"

Me: Video on Whole Foods for your weight loss goals, introducing the biggest 2 tools for your steps to change + success

You: "Sweet Emotion"  we'll figure out the feelings that make you tick, get sharing in our private Facebook group and begin on the good side of our supportive 8 days together


Day 2: "Gimme 3 Steps"

Me:  Giving you 2 huge tools (1, 2 steps) to get on your path + starting eating the way you know you need to,  PLUS (3rd step) digestive system education

You: "A Day in the Life" - what does your ideal day look like when you have fueled yourself properly


Day 3: "Alice's Restaurant"

Me: Education on the components of a healthy diet, what is healthy snacking? How far have we come from what food and eating really means? (and how the heck do we Get Back to where we once belonged?)

You: "For What its Worth" sharing whole foods recipes from or simply be inspired by - it's the sharing circle! (No "Kumbaya" required)


Day 4: "Brown Sugar"

Me: Balancing blood sugars + fueling up on the right fats. Get ready to change the way you grocery shop, and have the tools to do that. Drool at the new foods you can now EAT freely.

You: "What is and What Should Never Be" - the dig on nutrition - the good rules; the bad rules, the rules we've decided to break!


Day 5: "Carry That Weight"  

Me: Education on loving your liver, a liver jump-start & education on liver foods for healthy weight loss. Buying healthy foods and navigating the grocery store.

You: Buying healthy foods. (Bonus: education on Superfoods and how uncomplicated it should be, changing your grocery shopping to make inexpensive tweaks leading to serious results!)


Day 6: "Shine on You Crazy Diamond"

Me: I take away the awkward finger-wagging lectures about exercise & replace it with gentle reminders and support. Where can we re-route to get to progress? Where have you been holding back or lacking skills or motivation.

You: Get out there and do it! Are you finding fitness that you love? Let's talk about it.


Day 7: "Whiskey in the Jar"

Me: This is my schtick, man. Fermented foods ROCK. Education ensues... which fermented foods will aid weight loss and why? How can I get these in the best quality for a good price? Deeper digestive education and how to make the easiest fermented foods, what brands & where to buy the best ones.

You: Eat the stinky sauerkraut. Drink the sparkly kombucha. Get. it. in.


Day 8: "The Sound of Silence"

Me: Mindful eating practice for accelerated digestion. This is out "Across the Universe" day with all the flower-adorned, magic-wand, body-mind-spirit hippie woo-woo goodness that you need. All we need is love, but another truth is that visualization helps you reach your goals faster. It's dressed up cute, but at the core it's science. Dig?

You: Participate in the Sound of Silence meditation challenge. This deepens your digestive powers and gets you tuned to your bodies' needs: health! Bonus private discussion: steps to move you forward and push you out of the program like a beautiful fresh baby. A baby who who can make healthier choices and get that long-lasting "I eat well" feel-good glow we've been crying for. Your fire has been lit baby. Now go eat well, live well, feel well. It can be that simple.


KICK START Your Transformation.

What you get when YOU decide to join Light My Fire:

✓ 8 days of educational videos + training with thought-provoking education and tips (value $400)

✓ Cognitive mindfulness work (value $120)

✓ Mini Fermented Foods class education (value $50)

✓ A private Facebook group with others to offer support to you! (priceless!)


Email access with Raina during the 8 days (reserved for clients only -- but for these 8 days you get it too!)


(Psst..... because I so badly want to light you up, doll, this round is only $100...)

Hesitation & Doubt... It Keeps You Stuck.

Is your mind filled with struggles, excuses and hesitation?

That's okay! You are NOT alone. We all face these doom & glooms. 

Using food as fuel and nourishment one of our top priorities can seem like a real big, intimidating challenge! 

That is why I am here to help you. 

Maybe you are thinking....  why should I invest time, money and energy in a program with Lutz Nutrition?

Because I know the drill!

I've been coaching people just like you for over 6 years!

and I've seen, heard and helped with it all:

You waste a lot of time thinking about losing weight, and not actually doing anything.

You waste a LOT of time wishing you felt different, and not actually changing anything.

...you don't believe you have time for proper nutrition.

....you want to lose weight a natural way.

...your body is out of balance, and its showing you that by making you feel sick or tired.

...you need more tools, support and education to really make changes happen.

You need a coach.

Let's break it down....


How Much Time Do You WASTE on Nutrition? 

Together, We Will Transform Your World.

I'll give you tools to start acting it rather than just talking about it; so you can get on with your awesome life and stop worrying about calories, weight, carbs and eating in general. Let's get it right this time, shall we?

Join Light My Fire for 8 days.

Why shouldn't you? You've wasted enough time, money, worry and energy thinking about foods, your body and weight loss. Now get some real education and start taking action steps to reach your goal.

It will be worth it.

Experience nutritional coaching and self-exploration working with Raina Lutz, RHN.

Space is limited for the December 2018 Light My Fire 8-day program

December 1st, 2017