Light My Fire - Weight Loss with Holistic Nutrition


Holistic Nutrition is all about going back in time... before we had processed food, plastic-everything, and drive-thru dinners.

The movement with healthy holistic foods is not a trend - it's a re-education of back to natural living, and a de-education of the suffering that we have taken on due to the stress of the diet industry.

Light My Fire is not a gimmick - or a 'get thin fast' scheme. We use education, support and motivation to help you reach your goals.

We launched April 1.

((The Doors ARE Closed.))

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I loved the program.
Raina is so supportive and has been a great ally for me. I joined the program with low energy, depression, beating myself up mentally everyday; versus 8 weeks later;I feel alert, energetic, motivated and loving myself everyday!
— J. Goldie, Vernon BC

Tired of weight loss programs, shakes, pills or exhausting exercise - to no avail?

It's boring, and a waste of time. Sustainable weight loss makes much more sense. This program was created with 'foodies' in mind, so you won't feel deprived, bored, anxious or stressed out.


Transform the way you view food. (Stop the "diet" mindset.)

Serious education on eating healthy to lead the body to weight loss. (The natural way, using real food.)


...with a healthy dose of cheeky sarcasm and motivational coaching all set to a backdrop of drum-beating, guitar-wailing, peace & loving fun. (Because life is about balance not strict RULES.)


8 Week Online Program with an initial Nutrition Package and Check-in 1-1 Phone Call

Get added to the Secret Facebook group upon purchase, receive your personalized nutrition package in the first week (1st rounder's only) and watch for the emails each week for your education!


(Start Here) Week 1:  "Start Me Up" 

Me: Our first week together to assess your goals; receive your personalized Holistic Nutrition mini-package

You: "Sweet Emotion"  - we'll figure out the feelings that make you tick + create a plan based around them, meet the others in our private Facebook group and begin on the good side of our fully supportive 8 weeks together


(New 4 Food Groups) Week 2: "Gimme 3 Steps" 

Me: giving you 3 tools to get on your path + start getting to that goal; following your personalized mini-package guidance

You: "A Day in the Life" - creating your days with the new 4 Food Groups and participating in a bonus Private FB group Discussion: "Breakfast in America" - cultural shifts influencing our food choices + digestion system education


(Veggies) Week 3: "Alice's Restaurant" 

Me: education on the components of a healthy diet, what is healthy snacking? How far have we come from what food and eating really means? (and how the heck do we Get Back?)

You: "For What its Worth" whole foods meal plans for you to follow, get recipes from or simply be inspired by 


(Liver Love) Week 4: "Carry That Weight"   (Check in 1-1 Phone Call)

Me: education on loving your liver, a liver jump-start & education on liver foods for weight loss, cleansing time - the safe way.

You: "Get By with a Little Help from my Friends" - bonus education on Superfoods and how uncomplicated it should be, changing your grocery shopping to make inexpensive tweaks leading to serious results


(Fitness) Week 5: "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" 

Me: A weight loss program can't be complete without some talk of fitness, I take away the awkward finger-wagging lectures and replace it with education and gentle reminders and support. Where can we re-route to get to progress? Where have you been holding back or lacking skills or motivation.

You: Get out there and do it! Are you finding fitness that you love? Let's talk about it.


(Fats + Oils) Week 6: "Brown Sugar" 

Me: Big education on balancing blood sugars + fueling up on the right fats. Since a huge part of Light My Fire is education, there is a deep week all about fats, trans fats; the good bad and ugly. Get ready to change the way you grocery shop, and have the tools to do that. Drool at the new foods you can now EAT freely.

You: "What is and What Should Never Be" - the dig on nutrition - the good rules; the bad rules, the rules we've decided to break! As a team in the support group, participate on the discussion of how your world has changed in the last 6 weeks


(Fermentation) Week 7: "Whiskey in the Jar" 

Me: This is my schtick, man. Fermented foods ROCK. Education ensues... which fermented foods will aid weight loss and why? How can I get these in the best quality for a good price? Deeper digestive education and how to make the easiest fermented foods, what brands & where to buy the best ones.

You: Eat the stinky sauerkraut. Drink the sparkly kombucha. Get. it. in.


(Mindfulness for Digestion) Week 8: "The Sound of Silence" 

Me: Mindful eating practice for accelerated digestion, here is our total "Across the Universe" week with all the flower-adorned, magic-wand waving energetic/body-mind-spirit hippie woo-woo goodness that you need. All we need is love, but in all truth visualization helps you reach your goals faster. It's dressed up cute, but at the core it's science. Dig?

You: Participate in the bonus private discussion: "Achilles Last Stand" ALL your final questions answered, steps to move you forward and push you out of the program like a beautiful fresh baby. A baby who who can make healthier choices and get that long-lasting weight loss we've been crying for. Your fire has been lit. Now go eat well, live well, feel well. Weight loss can be that simple.


More Bonuses included:

Love Yourself tools (Feeling down? We have the support for that.)

Needing snack ideas? (Get a little help from your friends with our meal ideas in the program.)

Need some Visual aid? (Get your personalized Pinterest board when you get your initial nutrition package; for that sexy visual stimulation.)



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Maybe you are thinking....  why should I invest $449 on this program?

Because you waste a lot of time thinking about losing weight, and not actually doing it. want to lose weight and need the natural way of doing it.

...your body is out of balance, and its showing you that by putting on weight. need more tools, support and education to really make this happen.

Let's break it down....

How much time do you waste on your weight?

Sound familiar? Let's actually do it instead of just talking about it; so you can get on with your awesome life and stop worrying about calories, weight and eating. Let's get it right.


Why is this weight loss program different?

We don't sell a 'get thin quick' scheme, and it's not a 'diet' ... this is education on the big world of nutrition so you can start eating the way that makes you feel amazing, gives you more energy and lose weight naturally.


Why don't you guarantee results?

The way Light My Fire works for you depends on your ability to be 100% ready for the information and program. You must have the motivation to do it yourself, I cannot do it for you. Thus, results are based on YOUR commitment to the program.


What if I want a refund?

We do not offer refunds. You must be really, really ready when you hit BUY NOW. (However should circumstances change and you can no longer take the program, this can be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis and your course pro-rated.)


Can I talk to you first to see if the program is right for me?

Yes! You can email me here, alternatively I do offer free 15 minute consultations to discuss whether or not Light My Fire is right for you. You can book your free chat here. I'm happy to talk with you and answer your questions!


What if I am gluten free/dairy free/vegetarian/vegan?

You are welcome to be a part of the Light My Fire journey! The program is suitable for you as per our 'wholistic' view of Holistic Nutrition, all angles are considered and you will still get specialized help (nutrition package) that is tailored to you. The meal plans also include the above nutrition styles.


Why should I take this program?

Why shouldn't you? You've wasted enough time, money, worry and energy thinking about foods for weight loss. Now get the real education and start taking action steps to reach your goal. It will be worth it. Read what others' think of our life-changing programs.


Doors are currently closed for Light My Fire.

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