Experience Kombucha is  the Okanagan’s original local commercial fermented tea.


Experience Kombucha is small-batch, luxury kombucha brewed by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.


Organic ingredients, local flavours, made with love, eco-conscious values and education included with your purchase.


Are you longing for a regular call of nature?
Do you sometimes schedule your activities around your bathroom breaks?
Have you ever been so drained you just want to stay on the couch all day?


Digestive issues such as IBS, slow digestion, constipation or bloating can cause you discomfort.

The ancient tea tonic known as Kombucha has helped balance these symptoms in my clients.

Don’t let digestive issues slow you down. Experience Kombucha and set your body free!


Why drink it? You want more of this in your life…

Digestive Ease       Better digestive capabilities        More probiotics      Increased energy


Our kombucha also…

Tastes great – it makes transition off soda easier

Can be used as a mix for adult beverages ( oh yes! )

is a living food, raw and unpasteurized  ( raw foods give us ENERGY! )

is LOCAL and fresh with less vinegar after-taste


We are the Okanagan’s original local commercial fermented tea.


We hand-craft exquisite local kombucha. We decided in 2016 to be great, not big.

We're small batch luxury for the eco-chic consumer.

Every ingredient is carefully sourced, every batch is brewed using the finest quality ingredients we can find.

We love fresh ingredients that are in season, hence our kombucha’s rotating flavors reflect what’s in season in the Okanagan Valley.

We aim to preserve the deep roots of fermented foods traditions by continuing and sharing the practice. 

Experience Kombucha is naturally carbonated and all of our products are developed to help nourish and strengthen your immune system. They help support your inner ecosystem by delivering healthy intestinal microflora into your digestive system and colon.

The power of probiotics are made simple in our delicious tonic! Our fermentation process with organic ingredients, probiotic mother culture and delightfully fizzy end product is truly an enticing Experience to add to your meal time ritual….


Taste the Difference. Drink your probiotics.  When you’re ready for the Experience, find us exclusively at these fine establishments in the Okanagan.

Kelowna: The Green Vanity (1492 St. Paul Street, Kelowna, BC)

Summerland: Summerland Health & Wellness Center (13229 Henry Ave, Summerland BC)

Penticton: Pure Gym & Juicery (21 Lakeshore Dr W, Penticton, BC)

Penticton: The Peoples’ Soda (215 Winnipeg St, Penticton, BC)

Penticton: Trellis & Vine Crafthouse (1652 Fairview Road, Penticton, BC)

Penticton: Get Bent Yoga & Dance (115 - 1475 Fairview Road, Penticton, BC - the middle of the Cannery Trade Centre)

Oliver: South Okanagan Physiotherapy (291 Fairview Rd, Oliver, BC)

Vernon: Collaborate Wellness at the Scarlet Studio (3026b 30th ave, Vernon, BC)



Health Benefits of Kombucha:

  • Fermented products contain beneficial probiotics
  • Rich in active, organic acids and enzymes
  • Detoxifies for a healthy liver
  • Great for digestion, immune health and energy levels
  • Great way to transition off of artificial soda pop!
  • My clients have reported ease of symptoms in conditions such as IBS, upset stomach and constipation



I don’t have the time for adding kombucha to my meal times.

||| It doesn’t take much of your time at all. All the time you need is the time it takes to pour yourself 1 oz with a meal! That’s about all you need daily, some people take it with each meal. Enjoy it in a long-stemmed wine glass with meals, or a shooter for a “Bottom’s Up!” experience. Cheers! Prost!

I don’t have the money for kombucha.

||| If you don’t always have the money to indulge in a monthly (or bi-monthly, or tri-monthly as some of our addicted clients do!) 750 mL bottle of Experience Kombucha, your one-time investment of $55 for one of our Okanagan fermented foods courses or a deep-education party teaches you how to make the foods safely at home yourself, and gets you a culture so you can brew at home right away! (Our courses are kind of like an underground brew party where you hang with other like-minded fermentors!) If you just want a culture to start brewing from home, you can purchase one from our shop.

I don’t have the energy for drinking kombucha.

|||If you have energy to eat and drink water, you have the energy for kombucha! You simply drink it with meals. Due to its nutritional components, its’ beneficial bacteria aid our digestion and keep us clean and flowing smoothly ( if you know what we mean! )  Cleansing your liver and aiding your digestive system with fermented foods gives you more energy daily, just this one little switch can work wonders!

Fermented foods make me feel bad.

|||Have you tried raw fermented foods? Sometimes the store-bought vinegar-brined fermented foods do not sit well with people, and especially if they are eaten in large quantities. If you are eating “raw, unpasteurized” fermented foods but still experiencing discomfort, this may be a case of “Too much of a good Thing.” ( Eg. Yogurt is good for me?? Eat an ENTIRE container of yogurt!) Try only a tablespoon or 2 oz a day of a raw, unpasteurized fermented food and you may well feel much different! You do not need large amounts of these healing foods to experience benefits. Occasionally, some folks experience slight discomfort when they first introduce these foods due to the re-organization of gut bacteria. Adding in more beneficial bacteria to our intestinal tract is no overnight feat, any discomfort from small amounts of fermented foods can be acknowledged as the re-structuring of the gut bacteria and will soon pass, don't give up. ( This too will pass! )

I don’t like the taste of kombucha, it’s too vinegary.

|||Have you tried our kombucha? Lots of store bought kombucha that we get in the big box stores' is nearing the acidity of vinegar because of the transportation process. When the kombucha is coming from across a continent it takes awhile to reach our health food stores. Refrigeration during transit time simply slows the fermentation process, it does not stop it, leading to a strong-tasting brew. Kombucha is meant to be slightly vinegar tasting, that is lactic acid which is good for us, it preserves the vitamin and enzyme levels and it increases digestibility of the food. Lactobacillus organisms are heavily researched for substances that may contribute to good health. If you don’t like the taste of vinegar at all, you may find other raw fermented foods not palatable either, but you may find with some experimentation (combining) that you can find ways to get them into your diet, like adding them to smoothies or salad dressings for instance!

I’m scared of mold in my kombucha.

|||There is no mold in your commercial kombucha! Mold on the kombucha culture itself happens more in home-fermented batches of kombucha. It is rare, however. (Most issues in home brews stem from a forgotten step in the recipe, a yeast overgrowth, or too much fermentation time.)  Lactic acid is a natural preservative that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Our kombucha naturally contains healthy levels of lactic acid. Beyond preservation and safety advantages, lactic acid is what increases the products’ digestibility, and lactobacillus organisms are thought to have benefits for circulation. The brown ‘floaties’ at the bottom of your bottle are naturally-occuring yeast strains. You can eat them! (If you dare.) They are harmless and do NOT mean the product is not longer safe to drink.

I’m not going to drink the whole bottle fast enough.

|||The great part about your kombucha purchase is that its never a wasted purchase. ( Yes, seriously! )  Even if you aren’t drinking it quick enough and it has turned to vinegar, you can use it as vinegar. Clients of mine and myself have had bottles in their fridge for up to 6 months to use for salad dressings, for cleaning or anywhere else in the kitchen they might like a vinegar pep.


Why is Experience Kombucha sometimes sold out?

||| We consider kombucha brewing an art not to be taken lightly – we are serious about providing the highest quality tonics in the Okanagan

||| Due to our wild-craft fermentation process, we do not use packaged yeast, artificial ingredients or artificial carbonation. We believe in the natural process of wild fermentation, and this means that not every brew is the same

||| This occasionally comes with stipulations…  we have high standards for our product, and trust the process. But if a batch just doesn’t taste the way we want (isn’t PERFECT) – we don’t sell it

||| Each bottle is considered a work of art, so our artisan brews are not held to a production schedule


Taste the Difference. Drink your probiotics.

When you’re ready for the Experience, find us exclusively at these fine establishments in the Okanagan.

Kelowna: The Green Vanity (1492 St. Paul Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6P1)

Summerland: Summerland Health & Wellness Center (13229 Henry Ave, Summerland BC, V0H 1Z0)

Penticton: Pure Gym & Juicery (21 Lakeshore Dr W, Penticton, BC V2A 7M5)

Penticton: The Peoples’ Crafthouse (215 Winnipeg St, Penticton, BC V2A 5M2)

Penticton: Trellis & Vine Crafthouse (1652 Fairview Road, Penticton, BC V2A 6A7)

Penticton: Get Bent Yoga & Dance (115 - 1475 Fairview Road, Penticton, BC V2A 7W5 - the middle of the Cannery Trade Centre)

Oliver: South Okanagan Physiotherapy (291 Fairview Rd, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0)

Vernon: Collaborate Wellness at the Scarlet Studio (3026b 30th ave, Vernon, BC)

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