Digestive Sessions


You crave digestive health and freedom.

You are tired of worrying about embarrassing or painful situations that keep you from enjoying your life.

You no longer want days filled with constipation, uncomfortable bloating, gas or upset stomach.

Enter "The Digestive Sessions"


   I'm your Digestive Educator & Facilitator of Change, Raina!  I used to lose sleep over my stomach pain. With the grounding techniques and knowledge that Holistic Nutrition can bring into your life, you can move away from these symptoms too, just like I did. True story. All you have to do is take action + stronger digestion can be yours.

I can help you attain this. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I specialize in the proper functioning of my clients' digestive systems.

Hey! I'm Raina and I'm passionate about helping people feel better using food + holistic nutrition (which encompasses lifestyle choices, too. That's the 'holistic' part!)

Guess what! There are key proponents of the whole digestive process that our body needs in order to function properly. But in our society today, we are missing some truly crucial pieces.

The Sessions isn't just about the food you're putting in. This is kind of along the lines of therapy for your digestive organs.

HOW do you eat? How's your stomach handling incoming food and HOW high are your stress levels? Pro Insight: more stress = less digestive power! 

If you aren't digesting food well, feeding your head with nourishing techniques and clever practices to up-level your digestive functioning is the solution.

You might not believe it's possible for this problem to be solved at all.  Or maybe you're embarrassed to admit it's an issue (the first step to healing is to admit that you have an issue....) but guess what? You're not alone.

Just about every single one of my clients has struggled with digestive issues like abdominal pain, cramping, constipation.. or has been diagnosed with IBS.... and I've been in the game for over 6 years helping them solve these issues. 

Maybe you've dealt with it for a long time. "This is just how my body is" or "Oh well, there's no point in trying anything anymore" are things you've thought. Maybe you have gotten comfortable and feel like solving your digestive problem is a could but not a must


Let's think about this....

What is possible for you now that you didn't think was possible for you before?

Maybe you've tried to make it happen and failed. Tried some pill(s) or a health practitioner. Nothing helped. Now you're resigned.

Think about other areas of your life where you accomplished something you didn't believe you could. Was it because of a magic pill or food? You probably put time, energy and dedication into achieving 'the thing' and were amazed when you reached your goal! How proud were you? Maybe you still believe that this digestive issue isn't possible to solve or, at least not for you. Truth: Many of my clients come to me because I'm their last resort.

They've often tried everything else.

Everything except what works, which is finding the root cause, stop with the band-aids and quick fixes, and really do the work. Take responsibility. That works. But... it's more work. It's time.


It's energy. It takes dedication. It takes drive and really wanting to fix the issue. But just like all Lutz Nutrition programs, when you're really ready - we're really ready for you.

But Raina, what evidence can you offer that this is possible?

#1: Client Testimonials

S. Bellagio, Osoyoos says: "I knew when you would post new info so I viewed the details when I had time to. The information it was awesome! I am enlightened by the importance of digestion. Not only that I have walked away with kitchen 'tools' that will assist in being aware of why or how I end up feeling the way I do. And ... foods that will make digesting smoother with no negative outcomes. It was an education long over due. Your service is very high quality."

This client appreciated the new way I teach you to look at your digestion: From the inside out, instead of *only* the outside in.

#2 Lutz Nutritions' viewpoint

"Find the root cause so you can let go of the luggage bag of supplements" is based on this approach. [Read our Views' + Culture here] If you've never tried our therapeutic digestive tools or thought about what was happening on the inside (instead we obsess only about the outside - what food - or medicine is going in) then you haven't let go of the belief that you need something special to fix this problem. Sometimes the simplest shifts in what we're doing make, or the smallest tools can make a HUGE difference.

#3 Client Testimonial

Here is what another of our amazing past clients had to say about our deep digestive work...

Erika L, Seattle, says “Raina makes nutrition & excellent health simple with this viewpoint: The body heals the body. Out went the hundreds of dollars a month I was spending on supplements & quick fixes. In came grounding, digestive practices & nourishing foods. I’m actually enjoying this process, instead of wondering when the detox diets & strict eating will end. Raina’s a rare gem in the health & wellness world. Stick with her, and your whole life will change.” 

Invest only 10 days of your time and energy, and we guarantee that if you implement the changes, it will change the way you digest food, and change the way you think about food and feel each and every day!

$85 bucks is still less than your cost monthly for that daily coffee (that also is potentially part of the problem!) so this investment is a drop in the bucket for the rewards you can reap! 

Statistics that need to change.

From our last nutrition survey over 10% of people were (admitted to) suffering from digestive discomfort. We think this reflects a bigger-scale problem that most people just aren't asking for help with, or talking about. These findings were so frustrating to us that it motivated our team to create Digestive Sessions - WHERE EXCUSES ARE REPLACED BY ACTION and only 10 days is truly enough time to make BIG change.

These Digestive Sessions are for those who are really ready for BIG change.

It's for self-starters who are fed up that their habits are preventing them living normally. (Because its' not normal to be doubled up in pain, complaining about daily tummy aches or running to the toilet every hour.)

It’s become our mission to change this - one eater at a time. What's missing in your diet?

Grounding practices that UP-LEVEL your intestinal functioning.

Therapeutic techniques that BOOST your stomach's power.

New ways of viewing simple act of eating that will SKY-ROCKET your digestive prowess.

Holistic Nutrition is the transformative approach you've been looking for.


You're likely to think something like the following .... "Okay, this is possible in general but I don't think it will work for me specifically because I've already tried what everything/I'm used to my digestive system/I don't have to use laxatives THAT often/it's not a big deal."

Which of these excuses is valid?

 "I've already tried everything.."

Not if you haven't worked with a Holistic Nutritionist! Specifically, me! I don't just recommend a huge lifestyle change and send you on your way, we go one step at a time. If you haven't worked with me on your digestive issues, then you're missing out on a huge side of life. Holistic Nutrition works deeper than cover-up pills, laxatives or medications. It looks at the deeper issues and works with you to create therapeutic suggestions that will get you thinking about your choices, your body and your life differently.

"I'm used to my digestive system."

Basically, what you're saying is that you're accepting a dysfunctional system within yourself. That's not very fair to your body. Would you have that thought at work? or would you approach your boss about a newer, more efficient system that you want? How about in your kitchen? Its like setting plates and cutlery for a  meal by the sink, but setting the table beautifully. It'll work, but not really, it'll be awkward and dysfunctional, plus it won't feel or look good. It's not functional. We accept clients who are really, really ready, and accepting things and 'just dealing with it' and chugging along in pain (instead of dealing with the pain) isn't how we roll. Let's dig in.

"I don't have to use laxatives THAT often."

The use of laxatives to wake up your sleepy bowels is a problem. It weakens your system, it trains your bowels to be lazy because they don't have to do work. If you've even considered using laxatives, it's a problem. It means there's an issue if things are not flowing as normal. The problem is, it shows that your system is not up to par. A healthy functioning digestive system gobbles up nutrients and spits up waste efficiently, with little to no worry on our part. That's how it should feel.

"It's not a big deal."

Well, if you truly didn't care about fixing the problem, you wouldn't still be reading this, would you?

But in case you do need some more proof that it is, in fact, a big deal...

Long term issues:

  • Our liver is a huge part of our digestive system. If it's not happy, it's overloaded with toxins and waste products setting us up for poor circulation to the heart and digestive system. This is dangerous in our toxic world as we age.
  • The liver is our filtering organ, many believe that most of the major illnesses of our time are due to overburdened livers
  • If our gallbladder or liver are under functioning, it interferes with our absorption of essential fatty acids and metabolizing of vitamins A, D, E and K. (These are essential for the health of our vision, immune system and deficiencies are linked to cancer.)

Short term issues:

  • like abdominal cramping and urgency to run to the bathroom are NOT FUN. They disrupt our life and cause us utter frustration or embarrassment
  • dysfunction of our digestive system means that we won't be absorbing the most nutrition from our food that we could be (we want maximum digestive power to get as much nutrition from our food as possible!)
  • dysfunction of the intestines can lead to leaky gut syndrome, which is an inflammation of the intestinal tract and is connected with arthritis, IBD, asthma, eczema, headaches and hayfever.
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It's Time for a Change

Be open to learning & trying something new. If you're going to be part of the program, we want you to be a self-starter who's able to take leaps and be open to trying new things/experimenting!

Some people don't like to admit that they are suffering from constipation, IBS or other bowel issue. "Ignoring it" seems to be the road they are comfortable on. The short or long-term issues above is just a sampling of the damaging effects connected with a dysfunctional gut and digestive system... it isn't worth avoiding it any longer.

Join the group, focus on changes for the 10 days - really work on it, take the time, see what happens.

You never know what you're missing out on by NOT taking action to improve your digestion. (We guarantee if you implement the changes, you'll notice a difference.)

How much better could things be?

How could your life be different without constant digestive issues?

  • No more running to the bathroom.
  • No more planning your days or nights around what you "have to eat" or "should only eat" in order to feel okay. 
  • Imagine it: you've put in the time and work and in the future your digestive system is functioning so well.
  • You eat - you have regular bowel movements and you're happier!
  • No more bloat.
  • No more pain.

You stress wayyyyy less about your digestion. Some days, you don't even think about it at all.

It's just natural now. Simplicity. 


There's a way to a healthier digestive system for you. Believe it. Take Action. Feel Better.

What you get when you join the Digestive Sessions:

✓10 days of educational videos (deep digestive training) with thought-provoking education and tips in our private Facebook group (value $299)

✓ Cognitive coaching and mindfulness work to improve your digestion every step from the grocery store to the counter top to your dining table (value $300)

✓ Delicious, easy, seasonal recipes that are easy to digest, simple to make and affordable to buy

✓Our natural 'digestive therapy' techniques (value: priceless)


✓ Once you're done the program, access to super special discounts for 1-1 coaching calls + nutrition package with Raina to continue making forward progress with your new momentum + personalized nutrition plan  (so special because I rarely, if ever discount my one-to-one nutrition work!)


(Pssssst.......you won’t even pay half of that.)


How do the Sessions work? You are ready to get the tools and use the Buy Now or "I'm in!" buttons on this page.

  • You'll get added to the private (secret) Facebook group asap.
  • The price is incredibly low (only $85) as an intro to the program, the longer you wait the more the price increases (with more client successes' our prices increase in ALL our programs) Take the leap now!
  • Each day in the 10 days together you'll get tools, techniques, live video's, recipes and more to get you started on your path (clearly) to better digestion
  • The info stays in the group for the year, so you can complete it on your own time or go back and refresh!

Questions? Shoot me an email  While our web shop is secure, if you prefer to not use a credit card online, you are welcome to send email transfer to rainalutz@live.ca (EMT)     See you in there. . . . 

Experience Digestive Success: Work with Raina Lutz, RHN.

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