Underground Blogging Nomination!

I officially accept my nomination for a Libester award!


Not going to lie, I am extremely honoured to be receiving such a creative and fun award. What’s cool is that the Liebster Award has been passed along virtually by other bloggers through the big ol' world wide web since 2011! The idea is to connect and collaborate with other bloggers in the community. It’s now made it’s way to Lutz Nutrition, which honestly couldn’t have come at a better time because my business is celebrating a 5 year anniversary this September!

5 years ago I was called "Simply Love Food - Okanagan"  and decided to change my name to reflect respect to my grandfather, a business man who left this world too early. I often think of him as I work. I changed the name and became the physical representation for the new brand of Lutz Nutrition: it feels really right.

And now…here I am, accepting an award! The Liebster blog award is a rather nice one – it allows you to give some recognition to people writing great content online and sharing it with the world. Learning about more people who create stuff, rather than just consume what the world has to offer. By spreading this award we spread only gratitude for other great blogs.


Lots of love goes out to…

Sairah of TurnUptheLove.com for not only for finding me in the world wide web, reading my thoughts and nominating me for the award but also for recognizing my passion and efforts behind what I do.

I admire how talented and passionate Sairah is about ditching dieting, reaching out more for a love of our body first. It really does start there.

Liebster Award Offical Rules 2016

Back in 2011 the rules were a simple case of acknowledgement of the nominator and to nominate 5 more. Now in 2016 it is a little more involved!

If you have been nominated for The Liebster Award AND YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, you are to write a blog post about the Liebster award in which you:

  1. Write a blog post about your nomination, displaying an image of the award.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  3. Tell your readers 10 random facts about yourself.
  4. Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked you in his/her blog post.
  5. Nominate 5-11 other starting bloggers who you think deserve this award and come up with 11 questions of your own for them to answer.
  6. List these rules in your blog post.

10 Random Facts About Me

  1. The story of my middle name, Dawn, is straight out of a story book. It happened the morning of my birth. My dad was driving to see my mom and I, and the baby name book flew off the dashboard during a tight corner by the lake in the beautiful Okanagan, and the book landed on the seat, the morning dawn shining down on the book now flipped open, my dad looked down to see "Dawn" and my middle name had been found. I didn't believe the story for years, but both parents continue to testify the truth of this story, so I'm finally a believer.
  2. I have 1 sibling, him and I are 18 months apart. We've always been tight and were in business together through childhood. Our first business venture was a company called The Helpey Helpers, where my mom 'phoned' our company (back in the land line days) to hire us out to do chores like vacuuming or cleaning windows. We made a dime per chore and I never did ever find out what happened to our profits.
  3. I know every note to the "Great Gig in the Sky."...and I almost sang it in a high school talent show.
  4. I have owned at least a hundred pairs of rings. I used to wear one on every finger.
  5. I teach yoga but don't do handstands. …I’m not the most coordinated at the fancy Instagrammable yoga poses. I'm more in to down dogs and restorative poses.
  6. I will kick your ass at 3 super cool things: curling, bowling and badminton. I just happen to be pretty good at rolling a ball or rock that hits things down at the other end. I beat a boy at a badminton tournament in high school, which is still one of my proudest moments to date in my whole life, and may only be surpassed by the birth of my first child. (Which hasn't happened yet!)
  7. I have been to San Francisco, CA, Paris, France, and Frankfurt, Germany. And a lot of travelling within beautiful BC including the amazing Vancouver, Nelson and Whistler.
  8. I was at Woodstock '69 in a past life. Confirmed by numerous psychics. Major accomplishment…I know!
  9. I love bitter, salty and sweet. I can't handle spicy food.
  10. I initially wanted to be a radio DJ for my life career. But the experience of 'corporate radio' made me want to gag. (Looking at you Rock101) I'm a tough cookie: Beating out other girls to further myself in a competition at the classic rock station to fill in as a DJ, the very last leg of the contest required a bikini video. I refused to do it, thus withdrawing myself out of the contest. Having morals sucks when it makes you lose out, but I couldn't get over the fact that my body has nothing to do with my voice skills or rock knowledge.

11 questions I was asked…

1. Who are you? Who have you been? Who do you want to be? 
I'm just me! I have been many things and faces. I have been happy, sad, I have picked my choices and worn my heart on my sleeve. Who I want to be is the person I am today. I am strong, a leader, focused. My mind is ever wandering and in love - I am free.

2. How does food make you feel? How do you wish you felt around food? 
I love food so much! Of course every nutritionist feels the same way. Food makes me feel amazing. Food is empowering, it is healing, it is therapeutic, it connects people. It is tasty, it is delicious, powerful! Food is love. It makes me feel all these things, and I wouldn't change that.

3. What does ‘having your dream body’ mean to you?
It means that we are happy in our body no matter what it looks like. That we can be grateful for the things our body can do and even if we don't feel comfortable yet in certain clothing, that we can still respect our body enough to treat it well. It doesn't have anything to do with wishing our body looked like models. That's so outdated.

4. What 3 words describe your relationship with food right now? Why do you feel this way?

Love - Creative - Flourish

I am finding more time to prepare food for myself and its allowing me to be more creative and find joy in another part of what I do - the actual preparation part! When you get caught up in nutrition consulting you think more about peoples' grocery shopping, their emotional stress, the reasons behind their cravings, potential deficiencies, therapeutic fruits/herbs, etc. and it's nice to just zone out and think only about actual FOOD without analyzing its meaning. Be here now.

5. Finish this sentence: Dear Body, I love you because…
... good times, bad times, you know we've had our share....

6.What in your life makes you feel alive and energized? 
Food!!! (ha ha) but more specifically... my work... my amazing friends and colleagues, kombucha, minimalism, dancing, singing and being in nature. I love the dry heat of the desert as much as I love the wet of the west coast.

7.Who is is one of your mentors? What do you admire about them?
Lisa Kilgour was my first official nutrition mentor, and even though we 'ended the contract' 2 years ago I still often feel that she supports me that way. I admire her science-heavy brain, her ability to relax, her perspective on life and her contagious excitement about what we do.

8. If you could write a letter to your 15-year-old self, what would you say?
You're more fun than you think. Stop caring what 'they' think so much. You're meant to be different - that whole "square peg in a round hole" thing? Don't worry, people will pay you for that one day. It's all good. It's all fun. Enjoy it. I's all happening for a reason. Calm down. Dance more. Sing louder. Speak up, don't bottle it in!

9. What events, thoughts or emotions trigger your food-related behaviours? 
It used to be simply stress related. I am a very 'sensory sensitive' person so smelling certain foods really puts me in the space where I first had them, the same way a song can put you right back at 18 years old driving free down main street. It's not a bad thing, in fact it's pretty cool. But I've had to curb that to learn to appreciate that memory, and not fill the emotional void (nostalgia) with food.

10. What does ‘normal’ eating mean to you? 
It means we have freedom. We know whats good for us and we eat that most of the time, and we feel no guilt or other emotions for straying from that and enjoying LIFE with treats with people that make us happy. This is what some people call 'falling off the wagon' - I say there is no wagon to fall off of once we have enough education + want to nourish our body. We just go back to what feels right and good after our fun and appreciation of it. Simple.

11. What words do you wish someone would say to you right now? How can you give that to yourself? 
No comment. I am happy as a slice of pie right now!

My questions for the Nominees.

  1. Give an elevator pitch for yourself.
  2. What's your favourite thing that you do in your career?
  3. Is this your first electronic trophy or does your blog have other accolades?
  4. What's your favourite flavour of kombucha?
  5. What was your favourite course in high school, college, university?
  6. What are your thoughts on our purpose here on earth?
  7. Tell me a memorable time you've had in the last year.
  8. What's the best thing your parents taught you?
  9. What's the best tasting thing you ate this week?
  10. How is your life rolling along, different than you planned?
  11. How do you know when you are happy? What fills you with joy?

Who am I Nominating?

  1. Holly & Raj - of The Primal Desire Holley & Raj are friends who share a passion for fun & yummy healthy real food. I met them at a foodie event, they blog and share healthy recipes are for everyone: Paleo, Gluten Free, Real Food.
  2. Nikki - of The Green Vanity The Queen of Green Beauty! Nikki shares her passion for a holistic experience of beauty, from the inside out.
  3. Katelyn - One Girl, One Horse, One Country Sharing her amazing story of Canada-wide travels from Quebec to Kelowna, BC with her sweet horse Whiskey, truly inspiring!
  4. Melinda - Melinda Lane Melinda is a workshop host-extraordinaire, yoga teacher, energy intuitive, and empowerment coach serving Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound area.
  5. Marci - Marci Kobayashi-Smith Marci is a Canadian living in Tokyo and caring for a husband with cancer and a father-in-law with Alzheimers', she is a caregiver in every sense of the word.
  6. Lisa - LisaKilgour.com Lisa says she's "not a typical nutritionist" and lacks willpower – vegetables and healthy food were all over her house growing up but just chose to eat Froot Loops instead. She has learned so much in her journey and teaches her clients those skills as well.

By spreading this award we spread only gratitude for other great blogs - I'm so happy to be able to do this!I cannot wait to read through all your responses, and congratulations to my nominees! I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I have. Thanks again to Sairah for nominating Lutz Nutrition's blog for the 2016 Liebster Award.

All my love + gratitude

--R    X O X O