Taking Action

So many struggle to 'stay faithful' or 'stay on the wagon' and feel so guilty when they don't, or when they fall off.

We know we feel better when we eat well, have lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, lentils and beans, clean meat (if we eat it), drink our water and actually take our supplements. 

We know we feel better when we eat this way if our digestion isn't giving us trouble, we feel lighter and our body is working better.

Things are good.

I have a principle/belief/value in nutrition that "BALANCE is key" and feel like that really comes into play here when we are feeling guilty about not 'doing good enough'...

Balance keeps us in the real world: you don't have to drink green juices your whole life to feel good, plus its not reality. (and doesn't feel good or work for everyone, for that matter.)

You don't have to exercise for 3 hours a day and "avoid carb's" (which doesn't even make sense as we need carbohydrates to live, what we mean is 'refined carbs' or 'sugar' but its this lack of understanding that causes stress!) or survive on this idea that you have to eat well ALL the time in order to feel good.

Balance allows us to learn about our body while we still honor 'being in the real world' ... the one where we aren't all Barbie Dolls. I do not put my clients on strict month-long cleanses because they are neither enjoyable nor easy. They are stressful. Balance requires us to learn a different challenge: eating food that makes us feel good while allowing occasional treats without guilt. Balance requires us to lean into the calmness that an equal diet allows - we feel good and we are eating good. We aren't "bad" when we eat bad. We just made a choice. Education is the real key because we need to learn what foods are good for us (real, whole foods) as well as which foods work for us and our body. The more we learn about us and what feels good, the easier it is to stick with that. 

Because we want to, not because we feel we have to.

Because our body wants us to, not because we feel guilty.

Sometimes the best action is a calm reaction, or a non-action.

We shouldn't ever feel ANGRY at ourselves. We shouldn't feel GUILTY or have other emotions around food. It complicates our life and stress our nerves. What we have to do is keep trying.

Turn the trying into a curiosity, a thirst. First to heal yourself, then to reach your health goals. The best course of action is.... action. Take matters into your own hands. Many folks struggle with digestive issues. It is so common. We are stressed, rushing around, turning off digestion and affecting our overall health.

Take action.
No matter how tedious or meticulous the beginning steps are.

I have action for you - the Digestive Sessions are here. A private meeting space online for you to get educated, watch video's, pose questions and get 1-1 help. It's a low-cost way to get holistic Nutrition principles and grounding digestive practices into your life and routine.

You DON'T have to take drastic action like severe cleanses or eating well 100% of the time; you just have to take action.

If the above post resonates with you - I can help - I've been there and I know the switch that can turn on when we learn to get our digestive system functioning properly..  The  Digestive Sessions are running now and start again summer 2017. Watch our Facebook for updates on when the program is starting again, and check out the page to make sure its right for you: