The Movement Supports your Sustainable Choices

Food Movement


I re-connected with friends at my best friends' weddings in the summer of 2016. I always have food memories (on top of the memories from all the amazing dancing we did all night!) but also one vivid moment - and one long-haired friend & I were talking about wild foraging for food, growing organic foods and buying from your neighbours rather than the grocery store.

Right up my alley.

He asked about how my role was going "in the food scene down there" meaning the Okanagan, since he lives on the Island, and I boasted.....nodding "Yes! Fantastic!"

and.... "It's the movement, man. It's all happening," I breathed, beaming.

He smiled. He paused and said... "Is it a movement though? Isn't it just......... natural? I mean we're really just going back to basics."


He was right!

......SO right.

I dismissed it with a wave - "Well of COURSE it is. But not everyone gets it......not everyone is "there" .... it's just not that easy for most people....."

Which is true. We've sacrificed it for convenience, as evident in my post about "the death of real food."

If it's so natural and should be so easy, then why do we struggle so much?

We are in the system. The corporate food system, which supplies us with endless amounts of carbs & sodium, is too easy to access. So easy, that we never have to think about food if we don't want to. We can easily go through our day, mindlessly eating - slam back fast-food for breakfast, soda, cafeteria for lunch, chocolate, drive-thru for dinner, ice cream dessert, sleep and repeat.

No thoughts about soil, weather, harvest, local food, freshness, quality, standards, nutrition - at all.

But when we begin to feel the effects of our choices day in, day out, year in, year out, we need to make a choice. We can choose to stay on the same road, or we can choose to take a stand.


The Food Movement

When we join in with the love of local & organic food and supporting local farmers, it goes further than improving our own health. In order to take a stand for our own health, we need to have education in place to make better choices to understand why they are healthier choices as well as full knowledge of the responsibility required of us to make dietary changes.

We all want to have sustainable nutrition that feels good, supports us (skin health, bowel health, overall wellness and good energy levels) as we move and evolve through life.

How it supports your Sustainable Choices

When we take this responsibility, it allows us to start looking at our choices in a different light. Our choices become a form of (peaceful) protest. They mean something. The more we feel part of the movement, excited by its' growth and a part of something - the easier it is to make these healthy choices. Humans love being part of something bigger. The more aware we are of how these healthier foods feel for our bodies, the more likely we are to make these healthy choices.

It is not always easy. But that's where I come in!

Taking Risks

In my emails I like to write about how people begin to make changes. My clients amaze me. They step into risk and unknown, giving it a try, and learning as they go. Playing with what works.... even when at first, it may not work. There are mental games, challenges, roadblocks, blurred lines, hard lines, choices. It's ALL part of the challenge and experience! That's when I can step in and help. Holistic Nutrition is not about the quick fix, it's about making sustainable changes, changing habits and putting in the time and work.

As a friend once said "We're all the same. Humans. Just a big ball of chemicals. It's our habits that define us and set us apart."

This natural movement is just that: natural. It's easy to go back to basics if you have EDUCATION and you allow yourself balance. From there, have a coach to help you create habits that keep the food movement priority for you, and your health too!