Flex Your (Indoor) Farming Muscle

Indoor Organic Garden. Organic Salad Bar.

Indoor Greens. Octopus's Garden.

The Greenhouse. The Salad Bar. The Salad Garden.

The cool names for your very own garden are only limited to your imagination. We settled on "The Salad Garden" and I wrote about it.

Growing your own food is one of the most powerful steps you can take today to peacefully fight the powers that be and the people that choose food for you.

It doesn't have to be fancy. You don't need many raised beds or to hire a gardener. It doesn't even need only happen in the summer time, all you need is some organic growing supplies, and sun light!

We had arugula and California red and greens mix.

But wait, its winter, you say! Do you miss fresh greens and hate the store bought stuff that goes limp in 2 days?? You can have your very own just-cut fresh greens in the winter - with less than an hour of prep - here's how.

Sun lamps to the rescue. Here's where I got mine. We started with a beautiful mix of peat moss and pearlite with some humic acid, coco husks, worm castings, kelp meal and bat guano. Yum. But it's for the soil, of course. All of these amazing organic growers and helpers can be found at gardening supply stores.

Certain specialty items you may have to look for online, however. But I didn't need to. Some people prefer to wing it and grow in plain ol' dirt, which is fine of course, but we wanted our soil to be rich with nutrients. After all, that's what organic is all about.

At first it doesn't look like much. Just a pile of dirt with lights on it. Astonishing. But organic growing means we care about the biology in the soil - and feed it so that the plants have more nourishment, too. All this "dirt" looks empty, but its brewing already, you see. Sprinkle on the seeds and give it a fresh water mist. We even got a timer on the lamps so our seedling babies got a regular 12 hours of sunlight per day.

After a few days of regular water spritz and sunlight, we started to see some life.

We knew that our combination of healthy organic soil and sunlight was working!

Our little babies started to pep up.

We're going to be eating our very own home grown salad soon!

When it started to look like plants and not weeds, then we were even more happy!

A few light mists of clean water from a bottle every day was all it took.

Every day the growth was noticeable.

It was amazing how quickly they sprouted up.

My gosh we've done it! Now we can see real growth starting!

This was about a week or so in to our indoor food growing experiment.

The lettuce sprouts are full of vital nutrients right now, needed for the quick growth.

Still only misting with water every day.

We're rockin' now! This is just over another week later. It really looks like food now, and it tastes like it too!

Make sure to keep the dogs away! Of course now you really have to water them, as they require more since they are so much bigger than they were when they were just little baby sprouts.

A few days later.

Edible garden READY TO EAT!

Our first harvest was January 18 and our seeds were planted just a few days before Christmas. This was very exciting because the seed packets predicted 40 days to harvest, and ours were much less than that. It shows a lot about the quality of the soil you are using, how much light the seeds get and of course your positive energy and time!!

 Happy Orchid Soaking up Sunlight

Happy Orchid Soaking up Sunlight

Other plants are enjoying the bit of sunlight too, like the aloe vera, spider plants, and pictured here, an orchid from 2013 that bloomed again at Christmas.

Growing your own food is a powerful movement in the food revolution. And it's easy!

Have you tried indoor organic gardening before? How did it work out?

I have an organic gardening/vegetables expert only a phone call away, so feel free to ask questions below or write me!