Weight Loss

Are you ready for a true transformation? The gates are open to a new nutrition program for weight loss.

Light My Fire is the culmination of years of work with weight loss clients.

It's a culmination of my experience in own personal journey with weight loss.

It's knowledge combined with passion, understanding, motivation and support.

I lost over 40 pounds with Holistic Nutrition and I want to share with you the natural way I did that.

Holistic Nutritionists' know that the power to heal already lies in the body. It doesn't need pills, creams, shakes or supplements to get to a healthy weight - it needs real food, respect and a whole lotta love.

The body needs

~the fire lit in the digestive system

~the liver nurtured

~blood sugar balanced

~symptoms balanced

~happiness + relaxation

A dose of motivation and a spoonful of inspiration helps.

Oh, and a compassionate, intuitive, rule-breaking coach.

That's me!

The year I studied Holistic Nutrition I made several and severe changes to my diet. Before studying, I used to love fast food, brownies, cake, Michelina's frozen meals, Hot Pockets, cookies, creamy pasta was all I wanted for dinner - oh and I had a thing for Twix bars. Oh, and I loved my Mike's hard lemonades. Sure, it was a tasty diet.. but was it worth it? I felt like crap.

All the time.

Oh, but my heart cried quietly for a good healthy diet, see all that sugar I was eating? Yikes.

No wonder I was exhausted all the time. No wonder I was always down with a cold or flu.

I never felt good. I never felt right.

And I wondered why I was overweight. I stressed about it. I was sad and it caused me pain.

When I got the education and tools to eat better, that was only a portion of the web of change that started to spin. The bigger portion of the weight loss experience was the mental activity and energetic quality to my life.

Was I happy? Who was I spending most of my time with? What was I doing when I wasn't doing anything? What am I listening to? What am I watching? and many other questions and queries that we will delve into. This is a huge chunk of the weight loss journey because in order for your body to lose weight and sustain it, you want your digestive system to be in good functioning order. and if you are STRESSED or ANGRY or UNHAPPY most of the time and your body is in a constant flight or fight? You can't digest. You can't relax. Your body is overworked. It stores fat as a protective mechanism. You're bound to the process.

You need to dig yourself out... one choice at a time.

I can help.

There is hope.

You will do some serious work in this program to get to the root of the problem.

You will also UNRAVEL a lot of old beliefs.

Things that you thought you knew about nutrition, and what you thought you knew about weight loss, you'll learn about the amazing healing power of your body, and we'll banish all those silly weight loss myths that you've believed for a long time.... or the hope that something external would do the work for you.


what you thought you knew about nutrition.

We are taught so many things about the 'right way' to lose weight. When was the last time you thought "I'm just going to do what my body asks, stay motivated, and that's how I'll lose weight." NO ONE does that because we are always told what to do. We need the tools to learn to listen to our body so that we can actually go deep and learn what our body wants.

You'll have to let go of all your preconceived ideas of what weight loss means, because we are delving much, much deeper than "counting calories" and "exercise."


about the power of your body.

The body heals the body. It needs the tools to heal itself, but it heals itself. Pills, creams, patches, protein shakes and packaged foods do not heal the body. They cover up the problem, maybe for a time they 'get rid of' the problem. But the problem, the excess weight, is a symptom and needs to be dealt with like any other problem - by finding the root cause and working there.


nutrition and weight loss myths.

All the crap you learned about calories in/calories out.

All the stuff your TV tells you about weight loss.

All the junk your magazines tell you about weight loss.

Everything you think you know about whats healthy, based on what external motives tell you. All the myths you believe in, and so does your body. All the beliefs you hold about it never being a reality, never being able to reach your goal weight or having more energy, or that it might never be able to happen for you. Or that you've tried everything, so whats the point. All those myths....


Hear from a success story...


Roxanne found real results with the program.

She dropped a size (so far!)

You can repeat the program as many times as you want.

Roxanne uncovered changes and growth.

She found a strength and power within her that she couldn't see herself.

But I did.

Join the 8 week program.

2 months of sustainable nutrition changes that looks like this....

  • 8 weeks: 1 email per week with education + 1 goal: I show up in your email inbox with your weekly dose of education
  • 1 hour phone call check in "No Whine -- Wine": I show up on the phone with you to work through your stuff
  • 2 Months of a Holistic Nutritionist's aid - email support: I show up for you over email with your questions/queries/worries
  • Recipes, Meal Plans, Resources, Inspiration!: I show up for you with super fun stuff to keep you in the zone & motivated!

Are you inspired by losing weight the unconventional way?

Unconventional is what I do.

Come down the rabbit hole with me and open new dimensions of feeling (and looking!) great....

Lose some weight.

Feel good. There is hope -  I can help you because I know the process well.

Are you ready for an experience? Ready to change your life?