How to GIFT Change Makers without getting in Trouble!

Okay let's get really real here!

I don't want you to get in trouble, either. Here's the difference. Nutrition can be tricky because people equate it with weight loss, however HOLISTIC Nutrition is not about weight loss: it's about nourishing foods, clean eating, feeling great and balancing our bodies' symptoms while we're at it.

Some of you have reached out about purchasing Change Makers as a gift for a friend, co-worker or significant other. This is a great time of year to do so, as in a few short weeks we'll be seeing New Years' resolution posts and plans.

Change Makers 6 month program would make a beautiful gift for someone....

However, you worry that the risk is this gift will be seen as a 'weight loss' program to the receiver.

Change Makers' isn't about weight loss.

It's not about following a strict diet, and ZERO counting calories. (Yuck.)

Change Makers is a nutritional protocol for those who are needing support and coaching from someone who really cares. Someone who has been there. See this post for verification on my story of being there.

Instead of being about weight, it's receiving a unique package of foods (tailored to them) to introduce into their diet to improve their life (never pills or juices to help them lose weight) as well as educational content, motivation and support to continue getting so aware of their choices that it becomes easier to make the ones they want to.

It's a protocol to induce change.

You want them to have a gift they'll use, a gift they'll deeply appreciate.

You want them to be happy...

.... and, you feel bad that they are always saying they want to make these changes but don't have the resources or motivation to do so.

Not for weight loss - change.

It's a beautiful gift.

Write me so I can help you with the way to give the gift of this life-changing program without YOU getting in trouble! (Do it asap! There is a limited number of seats in the program so everyone gets the personal attention they deserve.)