Get out of the supplement aisle.

♫ Find the Root cause of your issues using FOOD so you can stop with the luggage of supplements.  

I must share why I am so passionate about showing folks that REAL FOOD is the path to health, and not expensive pills, shakes or supplements.


These products sell because they sell us a promise. They sell us a quick fix.


Many of us go through a phase where we believe that the answer to our healing crisis can be found with another $30, $40, or $70 bottle of pills guaranteed to fix our problem.


All this does is solidify our idea that there is ONE goal, ONE food, one "magic bullet" that will cure us.


Nothing "cures" us except - the body.


The body needs the proper set up in order to heal anything, and I mean anything: everything from cancer to weight loss and all in between.


It needs a nutrient-dense diet. It needs healing foods, drinks, herbs. It needs emotional and mental support. It needs exercise. It needs happiness and calm.


From my nutrition education and in my practice I see that there are root causes to every issue we experience. Our body works as a whole, not as separate parts, there is always a connection and other areas/organs affected when one thing goes wrong.

Thinking that the root cause can be cured with a bottle of pills or a shake is what leads us to gym-bags worth of supplement shopping. Realizing that we haven't hit the real root cause with this behaviour is what stops us from buying, and allows us to start our search.

We also may be unconsciously buying because we don't want to find the root cause.

Often, we are our own worst opponent.

If something requires change, time or energy from us we can easily fight making that switch because we don't like change. We like safety and comfort. Often our symptoms get so comfortable, we've had them so long we just feel they are normal - we give up on making change.


It happens.


So how do we know that supplements aren't the answer to our path to health?


We have to go back in time....


Remember your grandma's day? Your great-grandmothers' day? Your great-great- you get the picture.


These people ate FOOD. from the ground!


They got their nutrition from their diet, because their diet was based on real food.


Where have all the good times gone? Well, they are past. The days of real food that's affordable AND healthy, easy + healthy are past us. We now have to make more effort to eat healthy because it is less available to us - what's the most easily available is cheap, fast and unhealthy processed food.


"Back in the day" they didn't have many of the health issues we experience today (and due to the vegetables they ate, certainly didn't experience the amount of constipation, IBS, or other digestive discomforts we do) and they didn't have expensive supplements or wildly inflated-health-claims on super foods from foreign lands available to them and confusing them!


We take a firm stance that supplements can be FANTASTIC in times of need, in times of re-balance required. But as the chemical imbalance is re-worked, other elements join in to create a harmonious healing. Nutrient-dense foods are introduced, more exercise, a happier routine. A coach that helps you put it all together.


Those are SO powerful yet none of us have them and wonder why we don't feel good.


Get out of the supplement aisle. Head to the organic produce section. Head to your farmers' market. Head to the garden.


Holistic health is about the power of the body.


We need to find the root cause. Balance that body system using food - and rely on our BODY to do the healing with the healing foods its given, rather than giving the power to all external substances.