Dear Millennials, we Suck.

Dear Millennials, I am worried. I am worried for our future.


Our brains, our guts and the whole functioning of our body depends largely on our food intake.

I worry for our whole generation.

This is not to shame you, this is to inspire all of us to use more real foods and rely lesson the food system we depend so heavily on. Sure, we are completely tuned out to the real world because we're so plugged online - but at some point you gotta power down and take a stand.

When will we realize we are in the hands of giant corporations controlling our food....  we can take a stand simply by buying real food and preparing our own meals.

Sometimes when shopping I find things that absolutely blow my mind.

This week was one of those times.

Seriously? I'm concerned.

I appreciate the effort. I really do. At least we're in the kitchen, prepping our own meal, sort of.

At least we're thinking about making our own food, sort of.

But in order to feel good we need to be eating real food, not packaged stuff. And this really takes the cake.

I like poutine. My clients like poutine. It's a classic Canadian treat. But, it's meant to be eaten out as a treat, not something we have in our freezers to heat up and snack on regularly.

And if we're going to make it at home, can't we at least bake our own fries, buy our own gravy packet (if we don't have the time to make it ourselves) and sprinkle cheese curds?

It's seriously that easy, guys.

Plus, if you're going to make it yourself there are many recipes online, which I know should be easy to find, since we're all on our phones constantly, we're well adjusted to searching.


You don't need to rely on boxed foods to teach you how to cook.

Because heating up packaged foods isn't cooking. Sorry, guys. This isn't real food. Search online, make food, buy real food and make it.

Processed foods steal nutrients from our body and stress our digestive system. One of the reasons I have a career in Holistic Nutrition is getting people off of processed foods and get them cooking and eating more real food so they can feel better!

Does this sound tasty:

Ingredients in packaged poutine

Fries: potatoes, soybean and/or canola oil, salt, caramel colour, paprika, sodium phosphate.

Sauce: water, cooked chicken, cream (milk ingredients, carrageenan, monoand diglycerides, cellulose gum, polysorbate 80), tomatoes (contain tomato juice, citric acid, calcium chloride), onions, butter, modified corn starch, chicken paste (chicken meat, chicken juices, potato flour, flavour, carrot powder, turmeric), spice blend (spices, garlic powder, onion powder, colour, papain), sugar, salt, garlic, ginger purée, concentrated lemon juice, canola oil, cilantro, potassium sorbate, caramel colour, paprika extract, rosemary extract.

Cheddar cheese curds: milk, bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme.

There's added sugar in your poutine. Oh, and about 31 other unnecessary ingredients too.

Ingredients in a homemade poutine:

Fries: potatoes, grapeseed or olive oil

Sauce: packaged organic gravy like this one contains more natural ingredients and less chemicals.

Cheddar cheese curds: whole milk, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme


Knowing that foods that have less ingredients are better for you, is it worth the extra time to make your own homemade food?

Poutine is not something I typically talk to clients about or share recipes of... but when I saw this it reminded me just how far it's gone - how incredibly dependent we've come on very basic foods and simple recipes (like gravy and cheese on potatoes) that we could so easily make at home.

It's scary. Its scary how dependent we've become on food processors. We are addicted to their sugary, tasty foods that don't give our body any nourishment. Just take the challenge of making one food/treat that you usually buy packaged and preparing it yourself at home from scratch. There are so many recipes online that you can find quickly and easily.

It's a powerful move.

Making your own food and taking a stand can taste good. Now get out there and do it.