Be-In a Holistic Nutritionist

So, you want to work with (or train to be) a Holistic Nutritionist! 

Here’s a list of common myths that are associated with our job, our industry - and the reality of them. Followed by my story! I thank you for your interest and for reading my words!

What people think we do: Make you eat only goji berries, algaes, green drinks and barks & roots.

What I actually do: Encourage folks to move towards a whole foods diet that encourages the maximum benefit for their body. This means more fresh foods, whole grains and less processed foods. Depending on what they are dealing with, special "super foods" may be necessary for some time as an addition for specific ailments, but definitely won't be given as a first recommendation if the client is still eating a "traditional North American diet" high in processed foods, microwaved meals/fast food, packaged goods, candy, pop, etc. We work with where the client is at, and move at a pace that the client is comfortable with, adding foods and making changes as we work along together with the end goal being a body in better harmony.

We also believe that the best 'super foods' are simply real foods, like broccoli, apples or blueberries.

We don’t force a specific style of eating on anyone*, and we educate and encourage clients.

*I am not vegan - I would never force veganism or vegetarianism on clients. I am not vegetarian (although I dabble in and out of it!) - I do not suggest vegan/vegetariansm on anyone. I am not "Paleo" or "Raw" or "WeightWatcher" or any other labelled diet - and I do not suggest this to anyone.

I believe strongly that we need flexibility in our diet, and if we just eat real food we do not need to label the way we eat.

If we all just ate real food based on our bodies' needs (we learned and respected them) things would be a whole lot easier!

What people think we do: Put everyone on an intense cleanse - a “colon blow”- if you will.

What I actually do: Assess nutritional needs. At their request or if we have been working together for awhile, we'll assess if the client needs cleansing at the time. It’s not for everyone and it’s not for every time of year. It depends on many factors including whether or not the body is prepared for it, the type of lifestyle the client currently has and whether their liver needs a gentle boost or a bigger cleanse.

For safety, it is vital that we know medications/lifestyle of the client before making this type of recommendation. Do no harm. Again for safety, our cleanses are mainly done with food rather than herbs or supplements*. We like to work with food, that’s what we are trained in. Food is a better sense of cleansing for the body than any supplement that “cleans y’out.”

Again, cleansing can be therapeutic but it is best done with food. (Check out our super safe RESET cleanse here.)

**I believe strongly that supplements are not necessary for long term, and should be used short term only to bring balance to a deficiency, but it is not our strong point: our strong point is food. I believe strongly that most supplements are not necessary for health and that finding the root cause of issues using FOOD can move people away from the luggage of the supplement aisle.

What people think we do: Sell expensive supplements.

What I actually do: See above. We work with food, and don't work with medications or herbs. We are educated in which nutrients can become deficient from certain medications, and that is all. From time to time we can recommend certain gentle herbs for teas, but it will always be followed by "please check with your doctor/naturopath/herbalist/the package for directions on usage." We are not doctors. We do NOT diagnose a thing.

From time to time, we can recommend good brands of supplements, but only from our own personal collection and personal experience based on quality for price, aligning with the client's budget for such. Personally, I have chosen not to be aligned with any supplement companies and do not plan to in the future. Food is food. We work with food.

What people think we do: Chant around our clients with fairy wands full of magical herbs to balance their energy.

What I actually do:  Yes, I’ve actually had people say that to me. Well, something along those lines. The word "Holistic" can really throw some folks off!

Some clients have been nervous for the first meeting, conjuring up images in their imaginations about what exactly it is I do and what the session will be like with me. A meeting with me is simply a conversation. Holistic to me means that we look at the WHOLE person - not just their diet but their emotional balance, lifestyle, genes/family history, fitness levels, nicotine/drug/alcohol use, sleep habits, work/career, family life and much more.

It also means that I can let the client guide the session based on what I sense the client needs at that time. This means if my intuition tells me something is up, I can ask the client if we should look more deeply to that area. If we hit a wall, I can ask you "What can I do to support you best right now? What can I do/can we talk about right now that will help you?" In my experience, I have found that client guided sessions makes folks feel like they get the most of the session. It also allows me to serve the person in front of me better, rather than going into "lecture mode" about what they could or should be eating. This is better for everyone.

Holistic can also be seen as Wholistic, which gives a better indication of the style of consulting and our food choices as a whole. (See what I did there?!)

What people think we do: Fix people's bad eating habits. In the blink of an eye.

What I actually do: Allow people time to learn that bad habits take time to form, and new habits can take lots of time to stick. I help clients to find their strength, wisdom and intuition within their own bodies, giving them the tools to make better food choices for their own health - not for anyone else. This empowerment sets up for the best success possible.


(Due to the high amount of e-mail I receive regarding this education and career: If you are interested in training to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, please contact me via e-mail and I will send you a detailed sheet that can hopefully answer all your questions.)


My story, as per requests to make it public :)

Okanagan raised. 18 years in a small town.... the West Coast seemed like a good idea after that. Transplanted to Rainbow Road in the hippie capital of BC: Kitsilano, in Vancouver BC and training in Holistic Nutrition. It was a dream there living with 9 fabulous female travelling Canadians & Europeans. Learning lots in school, so many magical things happened that year, I came back to the Okanagan in 2011 after finishing CSNN and obtaining my diploma. I spent the summer after school working on an organic farm in Osoyoos in an apprenticeship.

What I learned during my apprenticeship was the magic and fragility of nature, and how the dirt felt on my hands. I wanted everyone to take a summer doing that, drenched in sweat and just giving to the land, nothing monetary in return. It was the perfectly blue skied magical extension to my beautiful time at the Coast.

When I moved again in Autumn to follow new love, I knew that I was ready to start up business. I didn't really know what I was doing. I started writing a blog from the perspective of my hippie 'alter-ego' Moonchild. My nickname from friends in Vancouver - but it was more of an online journal than anything else. I started doing small gigs here and there and since I had started brewing kombucha in 2010; I became a mad scientist in my own kitchen, and after a year of mastering "The Art", friends started asking to buy my kombucha.

2012 The Beginning

I was selling my kombucha locally in the Okanagan valley, and starting to consult.

Oh, and my Moonchild blog got deleted, it now floats in cyber space at hyper-speed. You're currently reading my new blog, its much, much better!

Now I sell the Okanagans' original local kombucha. It is still made in small batches though so I can retain that good energy in it that everyone liked. If you out grow certain things too much, its just not the same quality. Weekly travels to Oliver and Kelowna for kombucha deliveries.

Local Okanagan Nutrition Programs

I make food & lifestyle programs for clients who struggle with weight, who can't make the changes they need, who have autism in the family, for those who have arthritis, cancer, or simply want to eat healthier. I've worked with emotional eaters, financial advisors, nurses, yogi's, restaurant owners and much more in between. I have offices in Oliver, Penticton & Kelowna but I also love doing online work where I can work from the four cozy walls of my current vintage home, sipping tea with rock n' roll dingling in the background.


Other Work

In 2013, I co-hosted Mondays on an award-winning internet radio show with Dennis Walker.

2013-2014  I taught courses and developed practicums while on the faculty of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

In early 2014 Lutz Nutrition was nominated for the Top 40 Under 40; award for entrepreneurs in Penticton, it was an award with a huge component in community service. 

In 2015, took my business full time. I was featured in September of 2015 and October of 2016 on CBC Radio as the local fermented foods specialist, I continued to take my fermentation workshops throughout the valley and do more public speaking gigs. Fermenting the Okanagan is my online home, join me there!

My mission?

**To help people understand the power in whole foods nutrition so they can feel better, have more energy, lose weight, improve mental health and go on to inspire more people to take responsibility for their own health. Get ready to grocery shop differently!

**To simplify nutrition

**To challenge the status quo and challenge nutritional assumptions

**To create enough nutrition education with clients that you learn to change your nutrition as you change and grow - learn flexibility

**To educate that the best path to health is in the food we eat

**To teach that balance and education are the keys to finding your best path in nutrition

Read more about what I can do for you!


Thank you for reading!