Our Principles (or...... How to be Awesome!)

Lutz Nutrition abides by the following principles within Holistic Nutrition, based on viewpoints, personal practice and experience.

Find the Root cause of your issues using FOOD so you can stop with the luggage of supplements

One thing a lot of my clients have in common is the exhaustion that comes from always looking out for the next quick fix. Lutz Nutrition does not sell multi-level marketing products and believes in whole, traditional/real foods to balance the body first. Supplements second, short term to balance deficiencies. Buying the next quick fix is expensive and does not nourish the body or mind. We believe the ROOT cause is at the core of the issue(s) you are experiencing, which is why in our consultations we ask you "What is your current main concern?" as that can give us a road map starting point of which body system to begin to support.  

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Your nutrition should be highly specialized so you aren’t ever put into a box.

In Holistic Nutrition we do not put anyone in a box. Generic nutrition plans are not reality. Eating "these few food groups" do not fit everyone and do not work for everyone. You are truly unique and your genes, family history, body, choices, emotions, lifestyle, career and symptoms are unique to you. Your nutrition choices should also be personalized and tailored to you and your body now. That is why Lutz Nutrition never uses templates or boring cookie-cutter meal plans, everything is specific to you right now.

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Balance & Education are key

Balance keeps us in the real world: you don't have to drink green juices your whole life to feel good, plus its not reality. We do not put our clients on strict month-long cleanses because they are neither enjoyable nor easy. Balance requires us to learn a different challenge: eating food that makes us feel good while allowing occasional treats without guilt. Education is the real key because we need to learn what foods are good for us (real, whole foods) as well as which foods work for us and our body.

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You don’t need to label your nutrition or the way the eat – it should change as you grow

While we love working with vegans, vegetarians, pescitarians, gluten free foodies or paleo lovers, we recognize two main potential problems with labelling our nutrition: the stress of leaving the umbrella/safety net of what we can/can't eat, and guilt of considering leaving our safety net can cause stress, and stress is bad for our body and digestion. The other issue is that we often follow 'nutrition fads' not realizing that the diet may not be right for us, leaving our rigid choices in charge instead of the wisdom of our body. Our ancestors changed their diet as they grew: adapting food to lifestyle, gender/age and season. We can also adapt our diet as we change. It allows for more freedom and balance.

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The best path to health is in the food you EAT

The fastest and safest way to improve your overall health and wellness is to increase your nutrition: eat more real whole foods.

Everyone knows that eating better is a great place to start getting better and feeling better, but we may not have the tools to do so. Maybe the vegans' and the Food Network has turned us off to the whole 'foodie' scene. I promise you, it's more exciting than bird food and chopped competitions. You can feel so much better, just start with more fruits and vegetables, and less white sugar.

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The body heals the body

Pills, shakes, potions. Cure what ails ya? They may make us feel better but they are not doing the work: the real healer is our body, its always striving for homeostasis, a fancy word for balance. Eat to support the body as a whole, so we can set it up for healing.

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