Why nutrition means something to me

When asked how I got to be a Nutritionist, I often answer by explaining how I discovered post-lay-off from a desk job that my interests in counselling and agriculture were actually able to blend into one career. The deeper truth is that I, like many others, have had a distinct intuitive (non-verbal) disagreement with our current medical system.

When I had stomach problems from the ages of 18-21 and finally had enough of the nights of curling in bed crying because my stomach hurt so bad, I went and saw a doctor, finally, after years of aching.

With no tests I was prescribed ulcer medication.

Within 3 minutes I had "The Cure."

No background, no questions asked.

When these didn't work, within a month, I was given a different brand.

No change.

My frustration grew.

Even though at that time I had zero background in health or medicine, I felt confused. Silently, I wondered to myself how could I "get away" with that diagnosis so quickly. I knew that not having been asked about my lifestyle, stress levels or diet with stomach issues was a major problem with me. A red flag.

I was told to go for more tests, therapy, surgery?

It was exhausting.

There are some things I won't do.

One of those things was give up.

I didn't just 'accept' that I had this issue and 'deal with it.'

I worked to resolve it - in all areas of my life.

Like magic, I was led to the next step when I found my calling at the Vancouver branch of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I was eager to be enrolling in the most esteemed natural nutrition school in Canada, and found my way to living near Rainbow Road (West 4th!) in Kitsilano BC, about to start studying what would one day become my daily job.

Now I get to spend my days helping people with their digestive issues. People often come to Holsitic Nutritionists' as their last resort. When they feel they (and the doctors) have tried everything else. Alternative health works funny that way. But the important part is, that it works.

I like working alongside conventional medicine and honoring its incredible ability to work in acute care. That's why I'll never ask a client to go off any medications or do anything 'out of the ordinary' without first checking with their doctor. We work around that. We work with food. I also love working with thoughts, feelings and perceptions. If you think you can't, I think you can. I love being a coach, and that is why nutrition means so much to me.

Food is complicated because humans are complicated. But it doesn't have to be. Distill down the complicated science, trends and advertisements and make it easy - go back to tradition in natural and real food. Add in some self-care and a dash of motivation to do the right thing at the right time. Preparation and responsibility. These are qualities of success.

Let me help you find success.


Writhing in digestive issues? I feel you. That's why I put together the Digestive Sessions. You can work with me anywhere (it's fully online, in a secret Facebook group!) and get to the core of your digestive systems' dysfunction. Let's work together. (Write me here.)