Why Holistic Nutrition?

Because…… Holistic Nutrition ROCKS.

Teaching the power of nutrition education & traditional foods; giving you tools to become healthier, to lose weight, to have more energy and to fulfill HOPE that there is a better way!


Weight Program


Light My Fire IS the most fun you’ll have with weight loss & fermented foods!

We guarantee that if you do the work, you’ll see results!

Start from square 1 and learn the basics of healthy nutrition, challenge the status quo and work through issues that may be keeping your weight up and preventing you from feeling great! Then learn how to make or buy yummy fermented foods that will aid you in your weight loss journey but also taste AMAZING!

Ready to re-invent the choices you make, and to reach your ideal weight?

It’s possible.

Do it the right way, with food!

Done from the comfort of your home, weekly emails + 2 phone calls to make you accountable so you can keep on keepin’ on — with your goals.

Ready for the experience? 8 weeks to re-invention.




“Experience Kombucha” is about experiencing something new, unique and phenomenal. It’s going your own way and finding freedom in that.

Fermenting foods has deep roots in history. I aim to preserve these traditions by….



Lutz Nutrition is dedicated to helping you find an experience through new dimensions of “feeling good,” through the teaching & sharing of our love for traditional foods & fermented foods.

Balance and education are the key to a healthy diet. You can have it all: healthy, organic and delicious. You can find the root cause of issues with awareness of the body, the use of traditional foods over supplements, and the responsibility of personal development through dietary modifications.

We create beautiful kombucha tonics and personalized healing nutrition plans. The goal includes nutrition education throughout surrounding communities and moderate growth while giving back to the community.

We like to have a good time, and we know you do too. That’s why we customize each nutrition recommendation to fit your current lifestyle – not overwhelm you. Book now to speak with Raina by clicking here!

Don’t Look Back.

Join our weight loss program or learn more about how we can work together here.

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico
    "My experience working with Raina has allowed me to see many things about how food works in my body but the coolest thing I've learned is to create space in my relationship with food to see how its all interconnected between emotion, body pain, old traumas and how that translates to how I choose to eat. Over time I've made amazing progress by making small changes a little at a time and building on it. My energy is better, my body feels better and as a bonus, I've dropped a size! I'm grateful every day to have Raina on my team!"
    Roxanne Gordon
  • Oliver, BC
    Before I talked to Raina, my son Odin was basically surviving on half a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk a day. Meal times were a battleground. Thank you SO much for your advice! A couple of small changes made a pretty big difference. Odin is back to picky eater rather than hunger striker. Small steps will move us from here. He even ate dinner last night without any complaint (I don't remember the last time that happened.)
    Cara Sheppard
  • Penticton, BC
    I had been having a terrible time with digestion issues and stress. Raina suggested I try kefir, kombucha and fermented foods. The difference was magical, almost overnight. I took her workshops - just to reach my comfort level. I joined her Facebook page “Fermenting the Okanagan”, what a joy to have such resources right here in the Valley. I have been symptom free for 2 years now. Thank you Raina.
    Hilma LaBelle
  • Grand Prairie, AB   
    "A year ago, I noticed how poor my digestion had become and how sluggish I was feeling constantly. I changed my diet, including eliminating dairy, and spoke with a close friend who had also made this change. I was worried about where I would get probiotics from but wanted my substitutions as natural as possible (no pills). My friend suggested Experience Kombucha. My body started to feel better, and my digestion was back on track. Her kombucha really aided my transition, and I only needed small amounts to see the changes! I believe this is a wonderful, natural way to keep my body on track and feeling great!"
    Rachael Comeau-Wolgien
  • Facebook
    "Raina! That peach Kombucha is ridiculous!!!! I can't put it down!!!! Best I've ever had by far!"
    Kamala Wilkie, Purple Lotus Yoga
  • Vernon BC
    "Before attending a fermentation workshop with Raina, I would never have attempted brewing my own Kombucha or making my own kraut. With Rainas light hearted, interesting and knowledgeable guidance, I feel confident to help create greater health for me and my family by making my own fermented foods."
    Lisa Dumas, Arise Yoga
  • Vernon BC     
    "Your help is invaluable. Thank you for guiding me toward a healthier and happier me.  I will recommend you to anyone that needs any dietary help. You are brilliant and caring."
    Rhea Bradshaw
  • Kelowna BC     
    "Raina instantly made me feel comfortable in learning about this new and wonderful way of life!  She welcomed us graciously to the (fermentation) workshop and made it a safe space to ask questions and have fun. She showed us that pounding kraut together can be a solid bonding moment. I am so interested in fermenting and it felt good learning from someone who has been doing it for years. Thank you for all the brewing knowledge, Raina!"
    Tamara M.
  • Penticton BC
    I met Raina Dawn at a pretty low place in my life. I was taking anti depressants & anti anxiety medications and my digestive system was in disarray. With her guidance I was able to gain a better understanding of what was happening and see the plan to set me in the road to recovery. Raina's personable and positive attitude reassured me I was making the right choices. She praised my accomplishments and stood her ground with me when I stayed from the plan. Her knowledge and compassion won my trust - her wit and optimism kept me coming back.
    Patti Lansdell
  • Penticton BC
    "I met Raina in my search for a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who could implement a wellness plan I'd been wanting for my autistic son. It's been so wonderful to find a kindred spirit, fully engaged, open to my thoughts-ideas, & truly interested in helping us to find a way to expand Garnets' tastes & work towards whole body wellness, for him & our family."
    Jamie Jordan – Feels Like Home Interior Painting